Multani Miti Packs for Spotless Skin

There are many ingredients out there that prove to be skin beneficial. But, Multani Miti is one such ingredient that can show wonders to any skin type. It is an ancestral ingredient that proves to be highly beneficial for the skin. Read also: WHY YOU SHOULD DO 2 MIN FACIAL MASSAGE DAILY.

In today’s remedy, you will get to know how can enhance the work of this wonderful ingredient more to make it even more beneficial.

Remedy 1:

How to prepare:

This remedy is easy to prepare. Take one slab of Multani Miti in that add in 4 tablespoons of red lentils. Add hot water to the mixture and allow it to soak for about 2 hours. When it swells up after 2 hours add it to the blender and blend well till a smooth consistency is obtained. Remove the mixture to the bowl for use. The rest of the mixture can be stored in the fridge for next use.

Benefits of ingredients:

Multani Miti provides a cooling effect on the skin and helps to achieve fresh skin. It’s great to work on dark circles and helps to achieve even skin tone. It helps to remove hyperpigmentation and affects greatly sunburns and skin rashes. Skin complexion is even improved with this face pack.

Red lentils work as the best skin exfoliator. It helps to get rid of dead skin cells leaving a smooth and finished look to the skin. It helps to get rid of whiteheads along with blackheads too. It’s been used for ages to improve skin complexion and skin elasticity. Tighter skin is achieved with this ingredient.

How to use:

Apply the prepared pack to clean the face with help of a face brush. Allow it to dry for 15 minutes. Then wash off with normal plain water. While washing scrub your face in order to exfoliate the skin so that dead skin cells are removed completely. Read also: HOW TO MAKE HANDS SOFT AND SMOOTH AT HOME.

When to use:

Use this pack weekly twice in order to achieve healthy, spotless, and glowing skin. This pack even helps to improve the shade of your skin and makes the skin much whiter and fairer.

Remedy 2:

How to prepare:

In this face pack, Multani Miti will be combined with other beneficial ingredients which will help to remove hyperpigmentation from the skin. For this take one teaspoon of Multani Miti powder in a bowl in add three fourth teaspoons of sugar.

 Then add one teaspoon of kaolin clay powder to it. For dilution, the purpose adds potato juice till smooth runny consistency is obtained. Mix well and keep aside.

Benefits of ingredients:

Potatoes have anti-pigmentation properties which help to remove dark circles easily. It contains certain enzymes which work excellently for dark skin patches. It makes skin bright and clear.

Kaolin clay helps to reduce skin pigmentation and stimulates skin cells. It helps to achieve uniform skin brightness and makes skin pimple free. Read also: ACTIVATED CHARCOAL FACE MASK FOR ACNE AND BLACKHEADS.

Sugar is a great skin exfoliator that helps to remove dead skin cells easily. It even works on pores and makes skin achieve a tighter and finished look.

How to use:

Wash your face before pack application and then apply the prepared pack evenly on the face and neck area. Allow it to dry. This pack takes time for drying due to the presence of sugar in it. Keep it good for 20 to 25 minutes and then wash off with plain water.

When to use:

This pack should be used at least once a week to see visible skin results.

Does kaolin clay lighten skin?

Kaolin clay helps to achieve a much brighter and fairer look. It doesn’t have any bleaching properties or skin whitening properties. It helps to reduce skin inflammation and increases circulation.