how to lose belly fat fast

Lose Belly Fat: Simple But Effective Tips to burn visceral fat

Belly fat or visceral fat is very harmful to our entire health as it also brings other dangerous diseases to you. This is the most searched term now a day on google “How to lose belly fat easily“. Increasing weight is especially a big problem for women. If you take the correct diet and follow […]

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Hands Raised Pose or Urdhava Hastaasana, Benefits and How to Do

Hands Raised Pose or Urdhava Hastaasana Benefits

Urdhava Hastaasana name has been derived from three different words of Sanskrit language urdhava, hasta, asana. Urdhava meant for up direction, hasta, meant for hands and asana meant for a position. So, Urdhava Hastaasana combinely called hands raised pose in English. Urdhava Hastaasana literally translates to Hands Raised Pose, but it’s also sometimes called Talasana […]

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