Flax seeds Gel for Hair Get healthy, Strong and Lustrous Hair

Flax seeds Gel for Hair: Get healthy, Strong and Lustrous Hair

As we age our hair growth slowed down. In order to have long, lustrous and shining hair we all ladies use different kind of expensive products. These products can give you some faster results but in long term they are not good for your hair health. But i think instead of expensive products you should […]

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DIY shikakai hair mask

DIY Shikakai Hair Mask for Hair Fall, Dandruff and Split Ends

This is an ancient hair care treatment which still works. Shikakai is also known as Acacia_concinna. Use of shikakai for hair can be one of the best natural solutions for the hair related problems like hair fall, thinning of hair, split ends and dandruff. It is a great anti-oxidant that helps in removing dandruff from […]

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