Urban Yog Acne Pimple Patches Review

Urban Yog Acne Pimple Patches Review

Urban Yog Acne Pimple Patch facial stickers are made with 100% Hydrocolloid – A substance which is responsible for absorbing pus from pimples and making them dry out soon. It comes in smaller and bigger patches and can be used according to the size of pimple. These small patches acts as a protective cover on pimple. These patches are made of soft and thin silicone material and can be applied prior to the make-up also. So check this genuine Urban Yog Acne Pimple Patches Review


Urban Yog Acne pimple Patch mainly contains Hydrocolloid which has the power to

  • Instantly clean the skin by cleaning away dirt and impurities from pimples.
  • Hydrocolloid also helps in absorbing oil and pus from the pimples which mainly helps in preventing skin infections.
  • The role of Hydrocolloid is to also help the skin to protect against bacterial Irritation and external contact from environmental pollution and dust.

How To Use Urban Yog Acne Pimple Patch

It’s very easy and simple to use Urban Yog pimple Patches.

  • The first step is to wash and dry the target area of the pimple.
  • Take the Patch depending upon the size pimple. Remove its film and stick on the targeted area.
  • Keep it for one night as night time helps in best recovery and remove in morning. Also read Plum 10% Niacinamide Face Serum With Rice Water Review

Details And Benefits Of using Urban Yog Acne Pimple Patches:

  • Urban Yog Patches are made with 100% Hydrocolloid which helps in protecting pimples from dust and bacteria from the air. They also helps in reducing acne scars, reduces acne swelling and inflammation and absorbs pus.
  • Urban Yog Pimple Patches are invisible in texture as they are silicone based. These patches can be easily covered with make up also and do not leave any traces on skin.
  • Urban Yog Patches contains Hydrocolloid which is the main Ingredient of Patches. Hydrocolloid is a natural treatment for treating out acne spots on skin.
  • Urban Yog Patches are easy to carry and can be change easily if the Patches becomes dirty. For best results use it overnight.
  • Urban Yog pimple Patches can give you a protection for about 24 hours as they are waterproof and have a breathable design.

Advantages of Urban Yog Patches

  • These patches helps in absorbing oil and pus from pimples.
  • They reduces acne marks
  • They also protects from dirt
  • Works as a waterproof cover

Who Can Use

Urban Yog Acne Pimple patches absorbs away Pimple very easily and quickly and provides the skin a much clearer look.  These Pimple Patches are ultra thin and invisible. They are silicone based and can be easily cover under makeup. Urban Yog Patches promotes advanced healing to the Acne Pimple marks and reduces the risk of developing scars after the pimple dries out.

Packing Of Urban Yog Acne Pimple Patches

Urban Yog Patches comes in a box. This box have a strip of about 36 pieces of two different sizes. There are 22 pieces of about 12mm in size for larger  pimples and 24 pieces of about 8mm for smaller pimples. These strips are easy to carry and  handy too. It retails for about Rs 399.

My Experience About Urban Yog Acne Pimple Patches

I was having Cystic Acne. I started using Urban Yog Acne Pimple Patches. And to the surprise these patches works wonders for your skin. These Acne patches dried out the pimple over night and have a much clearer look. It absorbed away all the pus from pimples and adhered to it very nicely overnight. In 2 strips much of the healing was done. These patches are worth buying as they are not expensive on side too. Hope you get right knowledge with this genuine review of Urban Yog Acne Pimple Patches

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are pimple Patches good for Acne?
  • Yes, pimple Patches are good for Acne. These patches helps in absorbing pus and dirt from pimples which helps to dry out pimples much faster without drying up the skin.

  • Can you put a pimple Patch on  popped pimple?
  • Yes, it’s effective to apply patches on a popped pimple because it helps in absorbing the drain out from the pimples without spreading away much infection to the skin.

  • What does Acne Pimple Patch do?
  • Acne Pimple Patches mostly works as a shield for pimples as they stops the spread of bacterial infection and further Irritation of the skin. These Hydrocolloid patches are anti-inflammatory too and do not dries out skin.

  • Can I wash the face with pimple Patches?
  • Yes, you can wash but for best results first clean your skin with a good face wash followed by a moisturizer and apply Patch and leave it overnight. These patches are waterproof in nature.