We all can not forget those days when we were teenagers. Teenagers skin care is a problem for parents also. This is also a fact that we all want to be accepted or want to feel accepted. The biggest problem  on those days was, the skin related problems, like having acne and pimples.  These problems further reduces our confidence. As of now challenges for teenagers are huge. As we are surrounded by social media. this is the era of Facebook, Instagram, snap chat etc. Due to this social change, value of the faces has become more. This is the requirement of time to have a fair and healthy skin. This further improves our confidence to cop with the society. But maintaining a good health is not an easy task in today’s time. Because we are surrounded by polluted atmosphere. So we need an extra care for ourselves.

We need some discipline in our life. Then only you can have fair and healthy skin. And you will be super confident. Here i will tell you 11 simple rule for teenager skin care for a fair and healthy skin.

11 simple rule for teenager skin care to have a fair and healthy skin

  1. Make sure you wash your face twice daily.  Invest in a good facial cleanser.
  2. Splash your face many times with plain cold water to prevent dirt and excess oiliness from setting on your face.
  3. Follow a strict cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine every morning and night without fail.
  4. Exfoliate at least once every week.
  5. Stay away from junk food they only add and contribute to pimple and acne.
  6. Drink lots of water to keep your system and skin well-hydrated. A well hydrated system can combat pimples and acne better.
  7. Sleep at least for 8 hours and avoid getting stressed.
  8. Minimize makeup uses to occasions when it is really needed. Excessive makeup adds to oiliness and results in pimples, acne and other skin problems.It is very harmful for your young skin too.
  9. Don’t get too worked up or hypersensitive about things.These too add to your skin problems.
  10. Exercise regularly and meditate.
  11. Be happy!