5 Foot Spa Benefits & How to Do It at Home

5 Foot Spa Benefits & How to Do It at Home

We all like to have good glowing skin, beautiful eyes, attractive face and long hair but what about our feet. It is a fact that we don’t care our feet as we take care of our entire body or we can also say that we don’t know the Foot Spa Benefits. Feet are very important as they maintain our body posture and they bear the entire body weight. Having soft, smooth and beautiful feet make you more beautiful and confident. Feet are one of the parts of the body which also gets tired. Foot spa is necessary not only to make your feet relax but it relaxes your body too. Most of us go to the spa salon to get our body massaged but we usually forget our feet. So let’s know the Foot Spa Benefits and how to do it at home.

Foot Spa Benefits you really don’t know

1. The best treatment for cracked heals one of the most amazing Foot Spa Benefits

Main reason for cracked heels is the accumulation of dead skin cells around heals. Foot spa involves scrubbing which is very good in removing dead skin cells from your feet and Finally make your feet softer and smoother. We can say that foot spa is a good technique of massaging and treating cracked heels. Hence you do foot spa or get it done from salon to get rid of cracked heels. Also know how to get rid of cracked heals here.

2. Make your feet softer

All women would like to have soft feet, but how? The answer is to get it done foot spa. One step of foot spa involves massage of feet with moisturizer cream. As facial massage has so many benefits for your face similarly foot massage has many benefits for your feet and yourself also. It makes your feet soft and gives you a much-relaxed mood.

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3. Relaxes your muscles and make you feel rejuvenated

Have you ever tried foot spa to get rid of tiredness? If not start it from now. This is one the easiest method to get relax and avoid tiredness. In foot spa when you soak your feet in warm water it gives you a sense of muscles relaxation and finally makes you feel happy and calm.

4. Foot Spa Benefits which Improve blood circulation in your entire body

Our mussels get stiffed and tired when the required amount of blood doesn’t reach to them. But foot spa improves blood circulation not only in our feet but in our entire body. With the improvement of blood circulation, our blood pressure gets reduced too. Foot spa also treats headache, depression and anxiety. Also know how to improve blood circulation here.

5. Healthy and smooth feet skin

Foot spa is best in giving you a healthy, soft and smooth feet skin. So as we massage our face or our entire body we must take care of our feet also.

How to get Foot Spa at home step by step

  • If you really want to enjoy foot spa then just create a relaxing environment by playing light music and having a dim light.
  • Now take a tub or container and fill it with warm water so that your feet are soaked up to calves inside water. To enjoy foot spa more you can also pour some marbles or smooth stones in water. While doing foot spa just roll your feet on these marbles. It will give you an amazing massage experience.
  • You can also add some hydrating moisturizers like Honey, Aloe Vera, Rose petals, sea salt, Epsom salt or peppermint in the water. This way you can have softer and smoother feel quickly.
  • Now clean your feet, sit down on a chair, slip your feet inside the water. Leave it for 15 to 20 min.
  • After 15 min, start exfoliation with the help of a soft manicure brush. You should pay close attention to your heal while scrubbing. This procedure will remove all dead skin cells from your feet.
  • Now massage your feet gently in a circulation motion. You can also roll your feet on marbles which you have already placed in the water.
  • Now pat your feet dry with a towel and apply some suitable moisturizer.

Finally, I can say this type of foot spa will make your feet soft and smooth. It will also give you relaxation. Hope you enjoy this article, if you know more Foot Spa Benefits and how to do a perfect foot spa at home please share it with me. For any query or suggestion please write to me in the comment box thank you.