Onion Juice For Hair Growth And Onion Hair Masks

Onion Juice For Hair Growth And Onion Hair Masks

The basic cause of hair thinning or loss of hair is usually a hereditary condition. It may also happen as a side effect of some medicines or because of any hormonal change in the body. Using onion juice is a confirmed method to boost hair growth and promote hair re-growth. Onions contain certain minerals, which are good for the hair. It works in various hair loss treatments also. Here are some of the known benefits of using this juice for hair.

How onion helps in getting healthy hair

Onion has great nutrients that can help in hair growth naturally. It contains sulphur, anti microbes, antioxidants and so many useful ingredients that can do magic on your hair if applied regularly.


It is also found in keratin, Sulphur is one of the essential components of hair. The Sulphur in onion juice may provide the hair with the nourishment it needs to grow. It may also increase the growth phase of the hair.

Anti-microbial properties

Onions have anti-bacterial properties, which may help fight scalp infections. Scalp infection can contribute to hair loss. A healthy scalp is more likely to have strong hair follicles.

Antioxidant properties

Onions contain different antioxidants such as flavonoids. Antioxidants are believed to protect the body from free radicals. Free radicals are thought to contribute to the ageing process. Free radicals may destroy the hair follicles and lead to thinning and loss of the hair. Minimizing the free radicals may reduce damage to the hair follicles.

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Benefits of onion juice for hair

Onion Juice for Hair Growth

Onion juice helps in improving hair growth by boosting the level of antioxidant enzymes. These enzymes help to decompose hydrogen peroxide hence optimizing the hair growth cycle. It helps in nourishing the hair follicles with the goodness of Sulphur. Sulphur is very essential for the regeneration of hair follicles. The rich Sulphur content also helps in minimizing hair thinning and further breakage. It also stimulates the hair scalp and improves the circulation of blood, resulting in nourished follicles. Onion’s rich antibacterial properties help in keeping the scalp healthy and free of infection, promoting hair growth.

Onion Juice for Hair Re-Growth  

As we already know that onion juice can be very effective in growing hair naturally. But you will be surprised to know that it can treat hair loss problems seriously. Application of this juice to the hair and scalp could increase blood supply to hair follicles, which in turn improves hair re-growth. Sulphur present in it is very effective in the prevention of thinning and breakage of hair.

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Less hair thinning and breakage will ensure thick hair growth. It mildly nourishes hair follicles with the help of Sulphur. Nourished hair follicles will allow the regeneration of healthy hair. Its antibacterial properties might help in keeping the scalp away from infections, further promoting healthy hair and its Regrowth. A good massage with onion juice can help increase blood circulation, further helping hair to re-grow.

How to Apply Onion Juice to Hair  

Take one onion, peel it and finely grate it. Then put grated onion in a thin muslin cloth. Now either squeeze it or hang it for few hours to get all the juice drained out. Now apply the extracted juice to the hair scalp and massage it with soft and light hands. Once the onion juice gets absorbed in the scalp then leave it for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes rinse hair and shampoo it. There is no harm in using onion juice every day. Onion juice is very beneficial for hair’s overall health. It can actually help in the growth and re-growth of hair. It also controls dandruff as well.

Is Onion Juice Good for Hair?  

Yes, onion juice is absolutely good and suitable for hair as it is totally organic substance so it doesn’t have any side effects. Its healing frequency may vary from person to person but sooner or later it will definitely heal hair-related problems. Nutrients present in the onion juice, when applied to the hair may nourish the hair follicles, which might increase volume, shine, and improve hair strength. The extra goodness of onions may also minimize the breakage and thinning of hair. Regular use of onion juice may also promote new hair growth.

Best Onion Oils for Hair 

Although you can make onion juice at home. If you don,t have time to do it, then you can buy it from the market as well. I have listed some of the best onion hair oils available in the market. So Have a glance..

  1. Rey Naturals Onion Hair Oil
  2. Aadidev Ayurveda Onion Oil 
  3. Luxura Sciences Onion Hair Oil
  4. Khadi Global Red Onion Hair Growth Oil
  5. WOW Onion Black Seed Hair Oil
  6. True root botanicals hair oil
  7. Aegte Onion Hair Oil
  8. Newish Red Onion Hair Oil
  9. Trycone Onion Hair Oil
  10. Beardhood Onion Hair Oil for Hair Growth

True roots botanicals hair oil review true roots

I also reviewed this true root hair oil on my YouTube channel Beautiful You. See the video below to see this review.

Onion Juice Remedy for Hair Fall, Thickness, and Graying

Here are 3 different onion hair masks for different hair problems like Hair fall, Thinning of hair and hair graying.

1. Onion For Hair Fall


  • Onion juice – 2 tablespoon
  • Olive oil – 2 tablespoon
  • Honey – 2 tablespoon

How to use

  • Take onion juice, honey and olive oil in a glass bowl.
  • Mix it well.
  • Fill it in a spray bottle.
  • Use it on the scalp and length.
  • Massage your hair with soft and light hands in a round motion.
  • Leave it for two hours.
  • Rinse your hair with lukewarm water.
  • Shampoo your hair.
  • Use this remedy twice a week for the best results.

2. Onion For Hair Thickness


  • Onion juice  – 2 tablespoon
  • Castor oil – 1 tablespoon
  • Curd – half cup

How to use

  • Take onion juice and castor oil and curd in a glass bowl.
  • Mix it well.
  • Fill it in a spray bottle.
  • Use it on the scalp and length.
  • Massage your hair with soft and light hands in a round motion.
  • Leave it for two hours.
  • Rinse your hair with lukewarm water.
  • Shampoo your hair.
  • Use this remedy twice a week for the best results.

3. Onion For Hair Graying


  • Onion juice  – 2 tablespoon
  • Flax oil – 2 tablespoon
  • Amla powder – half cup

How to use

  • Take onion juice, flax oil and amla powder in a glass bowl.
  • Mix it well and make a thin paste.
  • Add more onion juice and flax oil in equal quantities if required.
  • Apply it to the scalp and length.
  • Massage your hair with soft and light hands in a round motion.
  • Leave it for two hours.
  • Rinse your hair with lukewarm water.
  • Shampoo your hair.
  • Use this remedy twice a week for the best results.

Side Effects of using Onion Juice for Hair

  • If somebody is allergic to Sulphur then it may cause itching and redness.
  • It may cause itchiness in the eyes too.
  • This remedy may not suit some people hence causing severe hair loss.
  • Application of onion juice leaves a bad stinky smell in the hair which is unbearable sometimes.
  • It is not a good option for those who are suffering from eczema.
  • Sometimes it also causes a burning sensation in the scalp.

Review of using Onion Juice for Hair Re-Growth

Onion has a high concentration of Sulphur that helps in healing multiple hair problems that cause hair fall. Onions are brilliant for preventing hair loss. The onion juice is an effective source to stimulate blood movement and stimulate hair growth. Onion enables the prevention of early greying of hair. Onion heals hair fall problems. Onions are a powerful agent that can also cure conditions such as androgenic alopecia and female pattern baldness.

Some of the important FAQ

How long should you leave onion juice in your hair?

When you apply onion juice to your hair, first do a gentle massage then leave it for 15 min. It is also to note that you should not leave onion juice on your hair for more than one hour.

Can I use onion juice on my hair daily?

Yes, you can use onion juice daily on your hair if you don’t have any allergic reaction to it. Being a rich source of Sulphur, it always helps in hair growth and health. It gives you healthy and shining hair at no huge cost.

Which onion is best for hair growth?

Although all onions are good for hair but specifically it is sad that red onions are more beneficial than white or any other onions. Red onion contains more juice and it nourishes scalp follicles also.

Can onion juice be left on hair overnight?

As I have already told above it is recommended that onion juice should not be left on hair for more than 1 hour. So don’t leave it on your hair overnight.

Will onion juice regrow hair?

A study which is published in the Journal of Dermatology, says that onion juice can be very effective in re-growing hair naturally. So just apply and see.

Hope you like this really helpful article about the benefits of onion juice for hair. If you know more about the benefits of this juice, please share your knowledge and experience with me. check my Instagram Page @beautifulyoutips for more health and beauty tips naturally.