rice water for hair get healthy and strong hair

Rice Water For Hair: A Remedy for Healthy and Strong Hair

Hair Care
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Using rice water for hair, can be the most amazing thing to do for your hair. This is not a new treatment although it has been used for centuries in hair care. Women from Japan and china used to have hair longer up to 6 feet and they also don’t have problems like graying hair. It is well known fact that woman from china and Japan uses rice water for hair wash and for bathing also. It is not beneficial for your hair but it also makes your skin glowing and soft naturally.

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History behind the uses of rice water

Biggest example of rice water benefits for hair is available to us in the form of Women of the Red Yao tribe in Huangluo village of China. These women used to wash their hair with rice water and most of them has hair longer up-to 6 feet. It is even registered in the geneses book of world record.

How rice water is beneficial for hair

It is a rich source of mineral and vitamins. It has so many benefits for hair. Ricee water contains Inositol which is a carbohydrate, repairs damaged hair effectively. Being a rich source of amino acids it makes hair root stronger finally it adds volume and luster to your hair. Even after rinse, rice water get locked to your hair and it protects hair from harmful UV rays.  It is not a common remedy, it is backed by science. When used on hair in reduces friction between hair shaft and increases the elasticity of  hair. 

Benefits of rice water for hair

  • It detangles hair naturally
  • Get rid of frizzy hair
  • It makes your hair smoother and softer
  • Make your hair shinier
  • It makes hair stronger by increase the elasticity
  • Rice water makes your hair grow faster
  • It works as a natural hair cleanser
  • Protects hair from getting damaged from harmful UV Rays
  • Best remedy for dandruff and flaky scalp

How to use rice water for hair

It is a simple and easy to use. So just read these simple tips to know “how to use rice water” to get maximum benefits from it.

  • First use a suitable shampoo onto your hair
  • Now rinse it completely with water
  • Now take rice water and pour it onto your hair
  • Massage your hair and scalp with this properly
  • Leave it for 20 min
  • Again wash your hair with normal water

Or You can use it overnight on your hair

  • Before sleeping pour rice water on your hair properly
  • Leave it to dry
  • Cover your hair and leave it
  • In the morning wash your hair with normal water

How to make rice water

How to make rice water

There is a three type of rice water which you can use for your hair. All are good for healthy hair. But some people says that fermented rice water is a better option.

1. Simple rice water

To make this rice water you just

  • Take 2 – 3 cup of plain rice
  • Rinse it with fresh water
  • Now soak it with 5 -6 cup of water in a bowl
  • Leave it for 30 min
  • Now strain it

2. Fermented rice water

Some hair care experts recommend fermented rice water for hair. As it is considered that fermentation makes rice water more beneficial because it will have higher amount of antioxidants now.

To make fermented rice water, you just leave soaked rice for 2-3 days. Now strain it and use this water.

 3. Boiled rice water

You can make rice water by boiling rice with water. For that take 2 -3 cup of plain rice and boil it with water. Leave it to cool and strain it.

Hope you like this easy and effective remedy for your hair. if you know more on the uses of rice water, please share it with me. Check my YouTube channel Beautiful You also for more useful beauty tips. For any query or suggestion please write me in the comment box.

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