Weight Loss Patches and If They Works?

Weight Loss Patches and If They Works?

Market flourish with weight loss products every now and then. It could be waist trainers or a new detox tea. Now the latest weight loss fad item flourishing in the market is weight loss patches. These patches claim that they have magical effects and their ingredients act like little boosters to speed up the weight loss process. Now many people are down with the question – Do these weight loss patches actually work?

First, let us know what are weight loss patches?

As the name suggests, these are patches that are large adhesive and can be applied to the parts of the body which have to be reduced. They can be basically applied to thighs, arms, belly, etc. They are basically available on Amazon as well as in nutrition stores. Some frequently searched products include hukoto patches, hibana and yasumint patches. These patches work under the skin and their active ingredients go directly into the skin bypassing the digestive system.

Common ingredients found are:

  • Japanese mint
  • Green tea extract
  • Coffee bean extract and
  • Bitter orange

They may also include essential oils and other moisturizing skin ingredients.

Do The Ingredients in These Patches Actually Have Any Weight Loss Super Powers?

Firstly, these products are not FDA regulated because of that it’s not possible to know the potential side effects. Many common ingredients of these patches tend to increase the heart rate and speed up metabolism. But these effects are very “Minimal”. Any weight loss product is not regulated in general by U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Read also MORNING HABITS THAT CAN HELP YOU IN WEIGHT LOSS

Much research has been done on these patches but unfortunately, no ingredient found in these patches could be effective. Dr. Seltzer says, “Ultimately, no weight loss product will be perfect, that is why pills and patches won’t end up doing at all.

Following are the common ingredients found in these patches:

1. Green tea extract:

Green is well known for weight loss. According to a 2009 study, caffeine in green tea could lead to weight loss. Green tea is pretty much safer to drink. Unlike other ingredients could damage the liver. The old-fashioned way of consuming green tea is perfect to opt for.

2. Green Coffee Bean Extract:

They come from raw unroasted coffee beans. Its active ingredient is Chlorogenic acid. A chlorogenic acid study has been conducted on mice. They have been shown to prevent weight gain.

3. Hokuto Mint:

Its also known as Japanese or Corn Mint. It has a minty smell, unlike pain relief ointments. Sellers claim that it blocks the body’s capacity to absorb sugars as well as starches.

4. Ephedra:

Commonly referred ad Ephedrine. It has a dangerous reputation. In fact, in 2004 it was banned by FDA. It was shown to have some serious health effects like heart attack and stroke.

5. Bitter orange extract:

This extract is mostly found in citrus fruits. Seville oranges contain synephrine which is a stimulant that has similar effects to those of ephedrine. This ingredient claims that it helps in weight loss by suppressing the appetite and burning calories and fat.

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How Do You Use Weight Loss Patches?

These patches can be applied just like bandages to the areas where you want to reduce fat. According to instructions you have to leave the patch for 6 to 8 hours and use it 3 to 4 times a week.

Any Weight Loss Patch Really Work?

Weight loss patches “Won’t” work to slim you down even if you are exercising and eating well at the same time.

Is There Is Any Harm in Trying Patches?

In most cases, these patches won’t be harmful because they won’t do anything. they are basically a type of sticker. It is absolutely money wastage.