Plank is basically a core strength workout in which we need to hold in a push-up position to obtain maximum results in a short time. Plank is a very important workout that can help you in getting a flat belly and also strengthen core abs. So let’s know How long should we hold a plank workout to obtain maximum benefits.


Core muscles basically help to keep the body functioning properly. The stronger the core muscles, the more proper action you can perform. Common core muscles include the erector spine and internal and external obliques. They basically help in rotational movements.

The core strength of the body improves balance as well as improves the overall body strength. A person’s ability to perform tasks also improves. Core strength gives higher performances and also helps to move better. “The stronger is the core, the less strain we experience on our back especially lower one, knees and shoulders too”. Read Also 15 DAYS FLATTER BELLY CHALLENGE: FREE DIET & WORKOUT PLAN


  • Planks are considered one of the best calorie-burning workouts. During a plank hold, a lot of the body’s muscles are engaged which benefits core muscles.
  • Planks are not only meant for burning belly fat but also provide an improved posture and a tighter tummy.
  • The flexibility of the body works well too. Planking is a total body workout that mostly focuses on the rectus abdominous.
  • As plank engages arms, hips, glutes, legs, and upper arms, it works deep to stabilize muscles.
  • Plank workouts can even help to prevent further damage to those muscles which are already injured. Moreover, it basically helps to strengthen them.
  • Planks look easy to perform but require a lot of strength and balance. The better we hold the easier it becomes for us.
  • If planks are performed with the goal of losing belly fat, according to experts’ planks should behold for about 60 seconds for about 3 rounds.

Let’s See How to Perform a Perfect Plank

  1. While performing a plank we need to make sure that our body is in a straight position, from head to toe. Bending a bit can ruin your position.
  2. To start off a plank place your hands under your shoulders directly. Then step your feet back one by one.
  3. Body stability can be obtained when your feet are wider than hip distance apart.
  4. If you want to make it more challenging then we can even bring them closer.
  5. Then maintain your body in a straight position. You can slightly bend your head or gaze a bit down.
  6. Take a deep breath and contract your abs, quads, and glutes and hold down.
  7. If the body is not aligned up straight then it will not work for your body.

How Long to Hold a Plank to see results?

Plank hold time differs from person to person. According to experts, beginners should hold for about 10 seconds. As the balance is maintained it can vary from 20 seconds to a minute. Remember to keep your posture always correct. How long you do it doesn’t matter. The more proper you maintain your balance the better you can perform.

Beginners can start with 10 seconds and then give a rest for about 5 minutes and then hold for 10 seconds. This way 3 sets can be maintained. A shorter plank hold can give you more solid results.

“The longer time we engage in a plank the more challenging it becomes for us. If your body becomes adapted to hold for a minute then difficulty can be increased by squeezing down your abs and glutes. Different plank variation positions can be opted to make it even more challenging.

What happens if you plank for a minute every day?

Plank workouts basically work to reduce belly fat as well as strengthen abdominal muscles. Holding for a minute can get rid of belly fat and gives a correct posture.

Does plank reduce thigh fat?

Planks also work to reduce thigh fat. “Reverse planks” are effective in reducing thigh fat.

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