5 Pure natural way for Beautiful and Bright skin (100%Working)

5 Pure natural way for Beautiful and Bright skin (100%Working)

The way you take care of your skin, your lifestyle and habits are the primary predictors of your skin’s health. Some of the leading factors involved in damaging the quality and texture of your skin are stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, pollution, damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, excessive smoking and drinking alcohol. This is a fact that every woman wants perfect and flawless skin. Clear and beautiful skin is the key element of a person,s personality. Healthy skin also makes you feel confident as well.

Let’s check out here, the top 5 pure natural ways to get clear, perfect, flawless beautiful and bright skin at home. I assure you these are the best ever methods which you can use to get perfectly beautiful skin naturally. Know also 8 Korean Beauty Secrets For a Crystal Clear Glass Skin.

1. Apple for a beautiful and bright skin

Apple is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and copper. All these nutrient make apple skin-friendly. As you need Collagen to get wrinkle-free skin. The vitamin C in apple helps to repair the collagen content of the skin. Collagen provides elasticity to the skin, thus keeping the wrinkles at bay. You can also make an apple face pack for fair and bright skin. Also, read health benefits of apple.

Apple Face Pack for Glowing Skin

Apple is a rich source of plentiful nutrients which are very useful for our skin health. It is a rich source of Vitamin C and Copper. It is very helpful in producing collagen hence promotes our skin health. Copper promotes the growth of Melanin hence it improves the colour of our skin. This face pack not only gives you good glowing skin but it also promotes your skin health. Also, read How to Use Green Tea on Your Face for Maximum Beauty Benefits.

How to make

  • Take a teaspoon of the grated apple in the bowl.
  • Add a few drops of glycerin into it. Mix well to form a smooth pack.
  • Apply it all over the face and keep for 20 minutes, for the skin to absorb it.
  • Rinse your face with warm water.

2. Rosewater face pack for a beautiful and bright skin

Your skin health depends on the pH level of your skin. Rosewater has the properties to maintain the skin’s pH balance. Rosewater also controls excess oil. It has great anti-inflammatory properties. So it works well against the redness of irritated skin, acne, dermatitis and eczema. It is antibacterial, so it aids in healing scars, cuts and wounds. Rosewater is used for toning, rejuvenating and glowing skin world wide. This little care removes the dirt and dust and reveals a pinkish glow. Also, read Beauty Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar You Never Knew.

How to use

  • Keep rosewater in the fridge for at least one hour before applying
  • Wash your face-first
  • Spray it on your face
  • Leave it for at least 5 min
  • now wipe off with the cotton ball
  • Do it daily for quick and fast results

Instant Skin Glowing and Fairness face pack with Roes Water

3. Ready-made Face Moisturizer with Baking Soda for a beautiful and bright skin

If you are facing skin related problems like pimples, blackheads, and acne, then use Baking soda. It is a mild exfoliant which removes dead skin and cleans your pores. It works wonder in healing existing acne. Rice water has antibacterial properties which prevent breakouts. when you add a moisturizer with baking soda it can do magic to your skin. Also, read here How To Use Baking Soda For beautiful and bright skin.

How to make

  • Take 2 tbsp of your favourite facial moisturizer
  • Add 1 tbsp of baking soda
  • Apply a fair amount of this mixture on your face and using a soft makeup sponge
  • Gently massage in a circular motion for 2 minutes
  • Wash off with cool water and put some moisturizer
  • It leaves the skin extremely smooth and luminous.

4. Boil Rice Paste Or Dosa Batter for a beautiful and a bright skin

This is surprising is and unbelievable. Have you heard it before? I am sure, You did not hear about it. But it is a fact that Dosa batter can give an unbelievable fairer glow to your skin in minutes. You just apply Dosa batter onto your clean face for 5 minutes and then wash off with cool water. You can also mix 1 tsp of honey to this batter for that extra glow. This is the best remedy to make oily skin glow. It is also very useful for skin brightening and removing suntan. Also, read here how to beautiful every day.

5. Tomato Juice as Tomato(Cleanser) for a beautiful and bright skin

Tomatoes have a substance called Lycopene which is a great antioxidant. It cleans skin pores from deep inside. hence makes your skin glow naturally. It fights free radicals on your skin. You can even use tomato directly on your skin. you just need to cut it into 2 halves and rub it on your face. it will give you surprising results. Now, let’s know about a homemade facial cleanser. made by tomatoes. Also, read how to do facial at home.

How to make

  • Take a half overripe tomato
  • Pour a dollop of honey over it
  • Gently rub on your face for 1 minute
  • Let it sit for 2-3 minutes and then rinse with cool water

It gives a refreshing glow to oily skin and the tons of vitamin C & antioxidants in tomato help lightens dark marks, brown spots and sunspots on the face. Hope you like this article, if you know more tips and tricks for a beautiful and bright skin please share it with me. For any query or suggestion please write to me in the comment box thank you.

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