How many days can we keep our beauty products?

How many days can we keep our beauty products?

if you always keep old make-up beauty products and old makeup brushes, then change your routine. Because old beauty products are very harmful to your skin. You should change your product and brush after some time so that your skin has no infections. Due to old makeup products, the problem of pimples or any other skin problem happens. Let’s change these products as soon as possible. I will tell you when to change, what product.

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If you keep your makeup sponge for a long time then it can be warm enough for your skin. Because these sponges should not be used for a long time. they should be changed as soon as possible.

TIME TO CHANGE:  Every One Month


Mascara is one kind of beauty products, which we all love. There is a lot of craze for girls to wear mascara. If you have a passion for wearing a mascara then it should be changed soon. If we continue with the same mascara for a long time, then it will do great damage to our eyelashes.

TIME TO CHANGE Every 3 month.


Use lip liner rather than just lipstick, but the shape of your lip also works well. This is a very important product if you h are makeup lover but there is also a time to change it.

TIME TO CHANGE:  Every 6 Month-1 year


Every girl likes lip gloss but do you know that we should keep changing from time to time, using lip gloss for a long time makes it sticky and can damage your lips.

TIME TO CHANGE: Every 6 Month-1 year


Lipstick, if you like lipstick and you do not even change it, you keep using old lipstick. It can be a great reason to black your lips. So changing old lipstick is very important.

TIME TO CHANGE: Every 1 year


The compact is a very important make-up product if your skin is oily. it is must be applied especially in summer but it is also important to change it according to time. If you use the old compact, then this may be a reason for black skin. So as soon as possible the compact should change.

TIME TO CHANGE: Every 12 to 18 month


Some girls use old eye shadow palettes for a long time, which is wrong, there is a time in the eye shadow pallets after it expires. So change eye shadow palettes when it gets old.

TIME TO CHANGE: Every 1 to 2 year


Blushes have an important part in the makeup. but if one use old blush then the blackness comes in a little later. In order to ignore this blackness, you should change and use new blushes after some time.

TIME TO CHANGE: Every 1 to 2 year


No girl can think of doing make-up without brushes. It is a very important and very important product for make-up, but cleaning and altering them is also very important.

TIME TO CHANGE: Every 1 to 5 year

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