How to Lose Weight Fast Naturally in 2 Weeks


This is a one of the common question on the internet “How to lose weight”. It is good that People are more conscious for their weight and fitness now days. Sedentary lifestyle and junk food are the most common reason for weight gain. You would have seen the people trying hard to burn fat but they are not able to do so. So here are some of the most important tips which you can apply to reduce weight naturally.





Protein for weight lose

This is the first and most important tips to lose weight naturally. If you eat high protein diet daily, it will improve your body metabolism by 80 to 100 calorie per day and also very helpful to make you feel that you are full. It has been proved in studies, when one is on high protein diet, eats 400 fewer calories daily.

So include high protein foods in your breakfast so that you eat less whole the day. Some of the natural source of protein rich foods are eggs, sea foods, nuts, seeds, low fat dairy products, beans, soy etc.

Check sugar to lose weight

Sugar contains pure calories without any nutrients, minerals and vitamins. If you eat more sugar then recommended, it will store in the form of fat to your body. As per American heart association it is recommended that women should not take more than 25 gm (6 tsp) of sugar and men 36 gm of sugar ( 9 tsp) daily.

Water to lose weight fast

This is cheap and best which you can do at home to lose weight naturally. It has no calorie and also increases the rate of calorie burning inside the body. water improves digestion which is very important factor in weight reduction. It has been recommended that drinking 7 -8 glass of water daily helps you burn more calories. Finally we can say it is very helpful in weight management.

Drink coffee early in the morning

We all know that coffee increases concentration and energy level, when consumed early in the morning. But it is very beneficial in weight lose as it increases metabolism by 3- 11%. This all mean, your body will burn more calories even you are not doing any hard work. It has been seen that black coffee is better that normal to lose weight fast.

Avoid refined crabs (white bread, white Rice, Sodas, soft drinks etc)

To digest these types of refined foods, our body does not need any hard woks. It means they are easily digestible foods which gives us instant energy. If you don’t utilize this energy, it will be stored in the form of fat and you will gain weight. So avoid these types of refined foods.

Do fasting regularly

Fasting can be used to lose weight. It has been practiced for centuries in all religion of this world. Fasting makes our immune system stronger and boosts our metabolism. It has been seen that people who do regular fasting are more energetic and youthful. So you should do fast at least once in a week for better weight management.

Eat slowly to lose weight

This is very effective step as it reduces calorie intake. It has been proved in studies that people who are obese, chews food faster. So try to adopt this habit of eating slowly.

Use coconut oil

Coconut oil is well known substance to lose belly fat. It has the ability to increase the metabolism of our body. It restricts your calorie intake. So you can replace coconut oil with the oil you are using in kitchen for weight lose.

Change eating timing

This is the major step which you can take to lose weight naturally. It has a very positive effect on weight management. Some experts suggest that in order to lose or maintain weight your meal timing should be: Breakfast timing 7:00 am to 8:00 am, Lunch 12:30, Dinner 7: 30 pm. Make sure that you finish your dinner 03 hrs before you sleep.

Hope you like these tips to lose weight fast naturally. If you know more tips to lose weight naturally, please share them with me. Check my YouTube “Beautiful You” channel also for more useful tips. For any query or suggestion please write me in the comment box.