flat stomach diet and workout

Flat Stomach Diet and Workout, at Home

We all desires for flatter stomach. Belly fat became a concerned issue for many such people who are struggling to lose it. Losing belly fat is little difficult, but not impossible. We can reduce belly fat, This is possible if we provide our body the right nutrition and daily workout in any form. Nutrition is the best and fastest way to reduce not only belly fat but also overall body fat. If we start eating the right foods in right quantity, we start losing it .Through proper nutrition and possible efforts we can see visible results even in a week. So what can be the best “Flat Stomach Diet and Workout”, just find out.

reasons for not losing belly fat:

Although we are following a Flat Stomach Diet and Workout but struggling to achieve it. Belly fat, mostly depend on HORMONE and LIFESTYLE. So if both are balanced then we start to lose belly fat. Either one is out of balance then the fat get start to stored around the midsection of our stomach. Belly fat can also causes high insulin and cortisol levels and low amounts of estrogen and progesterone in the body. One of the common reason when we struggle to lose belly fat is due to “STRESS”. Here I am not talking about emotional stress .This includes sleeping habits, passive exercise routine and unhealthy eating habits.

How Stress Lead To Belly Fat

  • Mindless overeating where we start consuming high fat, high sugar and high calorie diet.
  • Due to the consumption of high fat diet our body pumps more cortisol ( stress hormone). As a result cortisol enlarges fat cells which in turn increases appetite and promote fat storage in the belly area.
  • If we are struggling to lose belly fat we also need to do “STRESS MANAGEMENT “. It doesn’t matter how much carbohydrates we take, how much we eat, and how little exercise we do the only thing matters is to manage stress.


Here are some important and easy dietary modification that can help you in having a flat stomach. These are essential to stick to, if trying to lose belly fat.

1. Drink More Water

First, is the practice of drinking 3 to 4 liters of water every day. Water flushes out toxins, improves bowel movements and keep our metabolism high. The best time to drink water is on empty stomach. We need to try at least 3  glasses on empty stomach. Do not drink water along with the meals and also just before and after meals. It hinders with the digestion process.

2. Develop the habit of eating raw vegetables

Vegetables like carrots, cucumbers , beetroot, cabbage,  capsicum,  onion,  tomato etc. These vegetables are high in major Fiber decreases the number of calories our body absorbs from food and also fibre intake is less likely to accumulate fat around our organs. These are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals which are very essential to cut the lower belly fat. These vegetables can easily be eaten raw. Sprinkle some lemon juice on it and they are good to go.

3. Eating one hand full of nuts

Nuts like almonds,  cashews, peanuts, walnuts, All these are great sources of healthy fats. So we must always remember that good fat cuts bad fat. So we need to eat one handful of nuts every day. While eating almonds make sure not to remove its skin as it is rich in vitamin E .

4. Switch to low fat dairy fat

As dairy products are loaded with saturated fats. And saturated fat is one thing which we have to avoid if we are looking to cut fat from our body.  So we must make sure to buy low fat versions of milk, curd, paneer and other dairy products.  As far as milk is concerned variety of it is available in market which has low fat content in it. So we can easily prepare curd and paneer out of it.

5. Say “NO” to Junk Foods

We need to remember that salts, sugar are pure biggest enemies while trying for a flatter belly. When we eat junk food it is either loaded with salt or sugar where sugar is nothing but EMPTY CALORIES, on other hand salts hold water in our body which makes us gain weight. So if we are looking for fast results we need to cut down junk from our diet and minimize the use of salt and sugar in daily cooking as well.

6. Start Using Cooking Sprays

Now zero calorie cooking sprays are easily available in the market. Since long we have been using too much oil for cooking. When oil burns it gets converted to bad fats, and all we take, is bad calories. So using a cooking spray will reduce our daily oil intake significantly. The whole idea is to use as less oil for cooking as possible. Also instead of using refined oils start using better oils like olive oil, coconut oil and mustard oil.

7. Sleep Properly

It has been scientifically proven that a good amount of sleep can keep our food cravings low and helps in weight loss. Lack of sleep also increases” GHRELIN “ (a hormone that stimulates appetite which can lead us consume high fat and sugar diet. So we must make sure to have a sound sleep of 7-8 hours every night.

8. cutting on carbohydrates

As Indian eating style is full of carbohydrates. We have been habituated of eating more chapati and big bowls of rice, breads etc. These are very high in carbohydrates. Our body doesn’t utilize excess carbohydrates and all unutilized carbohydrates get stored as fats. One gram of carbohydrates that we eat, our body holds 3 grams of water. When we eat chapati we feel full for longer time period than compared to rice this is because whole wheat roti is a whole grain,  a complex carbohydrate. On other hand white rice is a simple carbohydrate which is nothing but the refined version of brown rice. So we must make sure to switch to complex carbohydrates like whole wheat, brown rice, oats and other whole grains. Complex carbohydrates have a high nutritional value. They slowly release energy and keep us full for longer period of time.

9. increase in protein intake

Unfortunately our diets are protein missing. Protein is essential macronutrient required by body for daily repair of skin and hair. Its a Fact protein reduces food cravings by about 60%. This is because protein naturally has complex structure . So when we eat protein our body finds little difficult to break it down. As a result our tummy feels full. Good protein sources are egg whites,  chicken breasts, salmon, lentils, soybean, soybean chunks, pulses as they are great sources of protein. So make sure our meal is low in carbohydrates and high in protein.

ROLE OF Workout for a flat stomach

For a Flat Stomach, Diet and workout, both are important. But to make process faster, it is always better to do workout along with accurate diet plans. Workout should be a combination of cardio and resistance training. Our body stops burning fat after workout. When we do strength training It increases our metabolic rate and our body continues to burn fat even after the workout and also while at rest. So  follow a moderate training exercise schedule which doesn’t causes too much stress to the body. Some Simple at home workouts are. Know also Cardio workouts for belly fat

  • Dancing
  • Stair Climbing
  • Rope Skipping
  • Walking
  • Squats
  • Lunges

some easy flat stomach Diet and Workout tips

  1. Do deep breathing exercises as if we do deep breathing for couple of minutes also it reduces body stress.
  2. Mediate and practice yoga as yoga helps to balance concentration    and brings positivity.
  3. Develop a habit for going on long walks.
  4. No CAFFEIN intake in late evenings as it can interrupt with sleep.
  5. No use of  electronic devices one hour prior bed time.
  6. EXTREME DIETING : Its an important factor because when we are constantly hungry and depriving our body from food that way we put extreme stress to our body. So eating less and expecting a flat belly it will not work for long term. Hunger hormone “GHRELIN” is also a fat storing hormone. So if we are some who eat less and do more exercise it causes temporarily weight loss as we resumes normal eating and our weight comes to normal. So EAT LESS, EXERCISE LESS OR EAT MORE, EXERCISE MORE.

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What Exercise Burns the Most Belly Fat?

Cardio Workouts combined with strength Training like
1. Rope Skipping With Squats
2. Stair Climbing With Jump Squats
3. Running With Walking

How can I flatten My Stomach naturally ?

Calorie deficit along with belly workouts, is the key to have a flat stomach naturally. Belly workout Examples are , Plank, Mountain climber, Reverse crunch, Dead bug, Leg raise, Abs roll-out, Bird-dog and Hanging knee raise

Do leg raises help lose belly fat?

Leg workout are good for a stronger core muscles. Workouts like squats, Lunges and Jumping helps in having flat stomach and also helps in reducing belly fat.