Mama Earth Aqua Glow Hydrating Sun Screen Gel With Himalayan Thermal Water Review

Mama Earth Aqua Glow Hydrating Sun Screen Gel With Himalayan Thermal Water Review

Say HELLO these Summers by New Launch Of Mama Earth. Mama Earth Aqua glow sunscreen has the goodness of Hyaluronic acid along with Himalayan Thermal water. It covers an SPF of 50. It gives complete protection against Sun and Blue light. Let’s Review it today.

Key Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid:

The role of Hyaluronic acid is to impart skin a healthy look. As it has hydration role it binds with skin cells and repair them which h reveals a more hydrated and younger looking skin.

Aloe Vera:

We all know Aloe Vera is a power house of nutrients and it is anti inflammatory in nature. It even deals with skin ageing issues.


They are rich in Vitamin E and amino acids which helps in deeply Nourishing the skin. It also has anti fungal, anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties.

Benefits Of Mama Earth Aqua Glow Hydrating Sun Screen Gel

  • Mama Earth sun Screen gives you protection against UV A and UV B Ray’s. Your skin can be protected all day long with this sun Screen.
  • It gives a SPF protection of 50 which protects against harmful sun Ray’s.
  • A sunscreen will protect you against Sun damage, it also avoids skin pigmentation and thereby prevents skin tanning.
  • Mama Earth Aqua glow sun Screen gives your skin a boost of hydration and do not give a heavy feel on skin. Its completely light based.
  • It also offers Blue light protection. Blue light will be emitted from electronic gadgets while we use it. Read also KHADI NATURAL Ayurvedic Amla And Bhringraj Hair Cleanser Review

How To Use Mama Earth Aqua Glow Hydrating Sun Screen Gel With Himalayan Thermal water

  1. When ever you step out in the sun Screen becomes mandatory. Apply the sunscreen on a clean face, neck, hands as well.
  2. Then reapply the sunscreen when you sweat excessively or when you swim.
  3. It can be used before applying make up as well.

Price Of Mama Earth Aqua Glow Hydrating Sun Screen Gel With Himalayan Thermal Water

The price of 50 grams is Rs.346. I must say its pricy on side. It can be availed from Amazon, first cry, mama earth website, snap deal etc.


It comes in a white plastic bottle which have a sturdy thick plastic. It has a cap on top. The formula is gel based and feels very light on skin. A nozzle is provided from which it is easy to use.

MY Experience Review After Using Mama Earth Aqua Glow Hydrating Sun Screen Gel

Generally sun Screens are greasy upon use and also leaves the face feels sweaty and oily. But when I tried the new launch by Mama Earth it completely changed my perception. It felt so good on my face. More importantly it provided a cooling effect on my face as the sun screen is Aqua based. It gave complete protection against sun harmful UV Ray’s. My skin achieved a more healthy and glowy look. You can completely try this product without any doubt.

Is Mama Earth sunscreen water resistant?

Mama Earth sunscreen gives an SPF protection for every skin tone. It provides an complete protection up to 6 hours against harmful UVA and UVB Ray’s. It keeps our skin completely moisturized and soft. The skin looks nourished and doesn’t leave the face patchy.

Does Mama Earth sunscreen contains parabens?

Mama Earth products are completely safe and dermatologically tested. This product is free from parabens, mineral oil and other harmful chemicals. This product is 100% safe to use.