Mama earth C3 Face Mask Review

Mama earth C3 Face Mask Review

Mama Earth is the Asia’s first made certified brand and is free from parabens and sulphates. When we are exposes to pollution and dirt our skin starts to appear extremely dull and lose its brightness over a period of time. Mama Earth C3 face mask is composed of Charcoal, Coffee and Clay hence named C3. This face mask helps us in revealing a natural glow and makes the skin looks soft and supple. Mama Earth C3 face mask is composed of the mixture of Mulberry, Cucumber and papaya fruit extracts.

All these ingredients helps In reducing blemishes and toxins from the skin. Mama Earth C3 Face Mask helps in brightening up the skin tone and allow the face to achieve a more toned appearance. Mama Earth C3 Face Mask provides you with the best nature care and makes our skin look all natural and healthy. So Check Here Review On Mama earth C3 Face Mask Review

Key Ingredients


Charcoal absorbs the excess oil which is present in the skin. It also removes the hidden toxins from the pores of the skin.


Coffee acts as a skin exfoliator and exfoliates the dead skin cells. When skin becomes deposits a layer of dead skin cells Coffee helps in removing the dead skin cells from external skin layers.

Kaolin Clay:

Kaolin Clay is a natural skin Cleanser. It helps in making the skin look bright and soft. Kaolin Clay also helps in removing excess oil from skin and keeps away oil, acne and pimples away from the skin.

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay helps in shedding away the Acne marks from the skin and also reduces scars which are caused due to popped pimples and acne.

Benefits Of Mama Earth C3 Face Mask

  • Mama Earth C3 Face Mask helps in reducing the pigmentation of the skin with the help of activated Charcoal. This ingredient helps in soothing the irritated skin, reduces inflammation  pimples and acne arms from the skin. Charcoal works as a skin detox which reduces skin pigmentation.
  • The presence of Papaya, Mulberry and Cucumber has various antioxidant properties which provides deep skin exfoliation. They helps to unclog pores, even out skin tone, helps in skin moistutization and fights against skin blemishes.
  • The coffee seed extract in the Mama Earth C3 Mask helps in brightening and tightening the skin. The skin pores are tightened and puffiness is reduced. The skin complexion is enhanced.
  • Mama Earth C3 Face mask has Natural flower extracts which yields fragrance and Hypoallergenic in nature.

How To Use Mama Earth C3 Face Mask

Wash and clean dry your face. Apply a thick later of Mama Earth C3 Face mask on the face and neck area. Allow the pack to dry for about 10 to 15 minutes. After the pack becomes dry wash your face with Luke warm water by massaging your face in upwards direction in a circular way. Follow this with a good moisturizer and use this pack twice a week for good results. Also read DermaCo Matte Face Moisturizer With Ferulic Acid And SPF 20 – 30g Review

Who Can Use

For new moms and those who are engaged in busy work schedules its highly recommended. As such people run out of time. This mask helps in achieving maximum results in a shorter period of time. If our skin becomes dry, dull and undernourished then Mama Earth C3 Face mask has in bringing the glow back to the skin.

Packaging Of Mama Earth C3 Face Mask

This face mask comes in a white bulky tub like bottle. It has an inner lid to avoid the pack from spilling outside. The plastic of the bottle is sturdy and it is plastic positive. The net weight is about 100 grams and retails for about Rs.599.

My Experience After Using Mama Earth C3 Face Mask

When I feel that my skin should achieve a soother and softer look then I use Mama Earth C3 Face Mask. This face mask has pepper mint oil in it too which provides calming effect on skin. It gently exfoliates my skin as all the ingredients in this mask are blended out smooothly. This mask doesn’t have any gritty particles to harm the skin. The fragrance of this mask is not bearable and not strong enough.

My acne and pimples marks were almost reduced with this face mask. My skin looks super plump and moist with a hydrated and nourished look after using Mama Earth C3 Face Mask. This is a genuine review of Mama Earth C3 Face Mask, hope you find it useful and effective

Is Mama Earth Charcoal face mask good?

Yes, this mask is good as it helps in bringing the lost shine and moisture to the skin. The skin looks absolutely fresh and smooth on using.

Does Mama Earth lighten skin?

Yes, Mama Earth face masks helps in lightening skin and provides an instant glow and shine to the skin.