Aha glow face wash Genuine Review, Benefits & Side effects

Aha glow face wash Genuine Review, Benefits & Side effects

Aha glow face wash is a glycolic acid based. Glycolic-based products work well for acne-prone skin. It contains 1% of glycolic acid, SLES, Aloe vera, and vitamin E. As Aha glow face wash which comes in different quantities like 50gm, 100 gm, and 200 gm, is enriched with glycolic acid along with vitamin E. It is manufactured by Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd which is one of the prominent companies in the pharma sector in India. it rejuvenates skin and helps to shed off old dead skin cells. Let’s review this product today and get to know about the different pons and cons of it.

Ingredients of Aha glow face wash

It is a product that is a composition of many skin-friendly ingredients. some of them are mentioned here like Purified water, Acrylate copolymer, Sodium laurate sulfate, aloe vera, polysorbate 80, sodium cocoyl Apple Amino acids, decyl glucoside, Coloured milli capsules, glycolic acid, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance, vitamin e acetate, and Potassium Hydroxide.

Claims of Aha glow face wash

  • Aha glow face wash is in gel form and contains more than 80% of purified water.
  • This face wash is filled with plant-based natural surfactants that help in skin moisturization.
  • This face wash helps to rejuvenate dry and dull skin and keeps skin soft and hydrated.
  • The natural foaming ingredients of Aha glow face wash help to deeply cleanse the skin and improve skin texture as well.
  • The skin achieves a refreshed and rejuvenated look as it has the goodness of aloe vera and vitamin E in it.
  • Natural skin rejuvenation has attained the skin when old cells are shed off and the skin attains a  layer of new skin cells.
  • Due to the aging process, wrinkles are very common. This way this wash of the face helps to reduce the number of superficial wrinkles.
  • The skin tone and texture are improved in a great way.
  • Skin pores are cleansed very much and it helps in skin unblocking from environmental damage.

Benefits of Aha glow face wash

  • There are many added benefits of Aha glow face wash as it helps to achieve a rejuvenated and brightened effect on the skin.
  • It helps to shed off dead skin cells thereby revealing fresh and super glowing skin.
  • Acne-prone skin pores are blocked with dead cells and bacteria on the face. Aha glow face wash helps in pores unclogging and cleans congested and flaky skin.
  • Its SLES based and lathers very well upon use on hard water also.
  • The quantity of face wash lasts pretty well as little product is required for washing.
  • After using, on every use skin becomes soft and supple with a hydrated and fresh glow.
  • Overall skin texture and tone are well improved.
  • As this face wash is acid based, it doesn’t dry the skin after every use.
  • Suited best for acne-prone skin as acne marks are quite improved along with the removal of dead skin cells.
  • Skin’s natural PH value is maintained to a great level.
  • Skin remains quite healthy and hydrated as well.
  • With a minimum of 50 grams, this product can be made to last at least 2 months.

Aha glow face wash Uses

Before using Aha glow foam face wash wet your face with normal water. Take a coin-sized quantity in your palms. When you add the face wash onto your palm, tiny capsules are seen in it. Before application, try to break the capsules so that the face wash foams well. when face wash foams enough apply it onto your face. Massage the face wash gently with help of fingers in a circular motion. Massage the skin for about 20 to 30 seconds until foam is absorbed into the skin. Then rinse it off with normal plain water and pat dry your face. For best results use it twice a day. Read also: 9 HOMEMADE SKIN GLOWING FACE PACKS THAT WORKS MAGICALLY.

Packaging and consistency of Aha glow face wash

Aha glow face wash comes in a pale yellow color plastic tube. It has a flip-flop cap at the top of it so that access becomes easy. Its packaging is slightly transparent and face wash can be seen easily from the outside tubes. The consistency is runny in nature and it has many multi-colored tiny capsules in it. Read also White Tone Cream Review, Uses and Benefits For Skin

These milli capsules can be easily crushed while application so that face wash foams well. they are not made of plastic. The consistency of face wash is runny and gooey in nature. Upon feeling the texture with hands it’s not sticky at all. Talking about the fragrance of the face wash, it’s pleasant in nature and doesn’t bother much upon using the product. The fragrance does not even last after using the product.

Price and availability of Aha glow face wash

Its priced at Rs. 430 and holds a weight of 100 grams. It’s easily available in any medical store as well as on online stores such as amazon, and Flipkart

Aha glow face wash precautions to be followed

As it’s an acid-based face wash it might react quite sensitive to some skin types. It’s better to follow some instructions before using this face wash.

  • Make sure not to use this face wash directly on the skin. Lather the face wash between your palms and then apply it to the skin.
  • While applying to the skin just glide the face wash instead of rubbing it onto your skin.
  • The quantity of coin-sized is enough. Do not use more than that in order to wash the face.
  • For cleansing the face only 20 seconds are enough. Do not keep it on the skin for more than a minute.
  • After the application of the face, wash does not rub on any skin areas which has more white and blackheads on them.
  • Gliding works very well for this face wash. Glide in such a way as if you are rubbing an ice cube on your skin.
  • The more gentle and graceful you are with this product, your skin will react that much positively.
  • As a common practice, we cleanse the face about 2 times a day. But while using this face wash use it just once a day and continue for a week. Later change accordingly.
  • If vitamin C product is used in form of toner or cream it should be avoided as glycolic acid and Aha don’t go together. Use vitamin C in the morning and Aha at night.
  • Same way Aha products should not be used along with retinoids. It can lead to skin redness and skin bumps. Skin can also become irritated as well.
  • Breastfeeding and pregnant ladies should take utmost care before using this product. Advise with professionals will work better.

Side effects of Aha glow face wash

  • This product contains SLES.
  • Skin irritation can be felt when used in more than the required quantity or even when used on daily basis for sensitive skin.
  • Not suitable for dry skin and for very sensitive skin it won’t work.
  • Sometimes before squeezing the tube some amounts of the face wash is already present in the dispensed form.
  • A little gooey texture can be felt at the mouth of the face wash.

My experience and review after using Aha Glow face wash

Firstly this face wash is glycolic acid and has to be used according to skin tolerance level. I have used this product on my skin and can easily give its reviews that how well it works. This face wash foams very well with sufficient lather. It gives the skin smooth and soft touch as it has the goodness of aloe vera and vitamin e in it. Skin exfoliation can be easily achieved with this type of face wash as it’s an acid-based one. My small acne marks were reduced to quite a much extent in just two to three times of its use. Read also: GRAM FLOUR FOR SKIN BENEFITS & DIY FACE PACKS.

Along with acne marks, even white and blackheads were gone to a much great extent. But a point there to be remembered is that the appearance of white and blackheads were not removed from the skin’s surface. An instant brightening effect was seen on my skin after using this face wash without drying upon my skin. Also, a point to be remembered is that skin exfoliation was achieved to an extent as exfoliation depends upon the type of moisturizer you use on the skin. When oil-free moisturizers are used, the appearance of white and blackheads are reduced to a great extent. Cream-based moisturizers do not make the effect last longer.

On the initial application basis, I was directly using this face wash on my skin. Thereby I felt some sort of skin irritation and redness skin. After reading out instructions then I lathered enough on my palms and used it on my face by which my skin redness and irritation were reduced to much extent. Overall, it’s a good drug store face wash to try on.

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