Remedies for Increasing Hair Growth and Density

Along with long hair we all desire of having voluminous hair that looks much more attractive. Healthy lustrous hair puts an impression on your personality which we always desire for. Read also: STOP HAIR FALL: BEST REMEDIES FOR HEALTHY, SHINY AND STRONG HAIR.

In today’s remedies, you will get to know how through simple homemade available things you can not only increase hair length but can see much difference in hair volume as well.

Remedy 1:

How to prepare:

The first remedy is very simple yet very effective. For preparing this remedy soak about half a cup of dried fenugreek seeds in water.

 Add water 2 times more of fenugreek seeds. Soak it overnight. Next morning boil fenugreek seeds along with water for 2 minutes. Strain off seeds from the water. Fill this water in a spray bottle and then add 1 teaspoon of castor oil to the fenugreek seed water. Mix well and keep aside.

Benefits of ingredients:

Fenugreek seeds are a rich source of iron and protein. Both these nutrients are beneficial for hair and help to change the hair texture. It contains unique plant compounds and saponins are one of them. It even has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties which keep hair infections away.

Castor oil promotes hair growth and helps to increase hair density. It leaves the scalp nourished and moisturized. It helps to strengthen hair strands as well. It even makes hair lustrous and shiny.

How to use:

With help of a cotton pad apply this water mixture to different hair sections. Make sure you apply it to clean hair. Detangle hair otherwise it could mess up more. After application leaves it overnight as such. Tie your hair off and wash it off in next morning to see amazing hair results.

 It not only helps to enhance volume along with growth but will also help to form new hair follicles. Hair density can also be increased Read also: 13 AMAZING INGREDIENTS WHICH HELPS YOU TO GROW HAIR NATURALLY.

When to use:

Use it two to three times a week for achieving lustrous and voluminous hair.

Remedy 2:

How to prepare:

This remedy is so easy to prepare yet proves very beneficial for hair. In this remedy, shallots are used. Onions can also be used but shallots can give more results. Take about 20 shallots depending upon hair length. Peel them off and extract juice out of them.

 Strain juice in a bowl and add honey to equal amounts of juice present in the bowl. Mix well. It’s just as simple as that.

Benefits of ingredients:

Shallots are rich in sulfur which promotes healthy hair. It helps in the production of collagen tissue which helps in supporting hair growth. Shallots can help to cure hair baldness along with hair fall.

Honey is so simple ingredient that can work wonders for hair. Its best known for scalp moisturization and helps to prevent hair breakage. Read also: ONION JUICE FOR HAIR GROWTH AND ONION HAIR MASKS.

 It helps to tame down frizz and soften hair roots which minimize hair fall. It helps to restore natural shine and acts as a natural hair conditioner. It’s full of antioxidants which help greatly to maintain healthy hair.

How to use:

Divide your hair after detangling and apply the mix of onion juice and honey in different hair sections. Apply well and massage so that it absorbs deeply into the scalp. Apply on lengths as well. Keep it good for about 1 hour and then wash it off with regular shampoo and see amazing hair results.

When to use:

At least it’s a must to use twice a week for increased hair length and volume.

Can we apply honey directly to hair?

Direct application will not be possible for hair as it could be difficult for application. It’s best to dilute with some water or use in any sort of hair pack which becomes easy to use.