Homemade Vitamin C Toner That Works Like Magic On Skin

Who doesn’t desire clean and clear skin? Healthy skin leaves an impression and makes us feel good from within. No matter how healthy a diet you intake, it’s important to follow a good skincare routine in order to keep your skin fresh. In today’s remedy, you will get to know about toners and packs that make your skin look vibrant and shiny

Remedy 1:

In this remedy, you will get to know about skin toner, vitamin C face packs,s and Vitamin C face cream.

How to prepare:

Vitamin C Toner:

In order to prepare toner take 1 orange rind in a blender along with a few mint leaves. Add some water and blend both of them. Now strain the water and separate the pulp. To the water collected add some saffron strands about one fat pinch. Now transfer the water to a spray bottle and the toner is ready for application. This waterworks like skin magic. Keep spraying on the face in the mornings and evenings and see amazing skin results. Healthy skin can be achieved with this.

Vitamin C Pack:

To the pulp which is extracted add curd accordingly. Mix everything and the pack is ready for application. Apply it to the face and massage it for a good 5 to 10 minutes. If dries off reapply it on the skin. Then wash off with normal plain water. Within one wash visible results could be noticed.

Vitamin C Cream:

Take milk cream which is homemade. In that add in the above-prepared toner. Mix well and store it in a small glass container. Daily at night after cleansing your face, apply the prepared cream and leave it as such for an overnight period. It not only makes skin soft but helps to make skin super soft and shiny. Read also: WHY YOU SHOULD DO 2 MIN FACIAL MASSAGE DAILY.

Benefits of ingredients:

Orange peels have amazing skin results. It brings back life to dull and damaged skin. It helps to renew new skin cells and removes tan.

When to use:

Toner and cream have to apply on daily basis. It’s a part of the skincare routine that leaves behind dull and damaged skin. It brightens up the complexion and boosts skin from the inside.

Remedy 2:

How to prepare:

Here is another great remedy. Take orange peels and boil with some water until water covers. When they turn soft grind them along with some water. Prepare a smooth paste out of it. In another bowl add 1 teaspoon of cornflour and dilute along with some water. Now take the orange peel mixture and add them to the pan.

To peels add in a mixture of cornflour in order to thicken it up. It obtains cream-like consistency when it’s cooked for 5 minutes on a very low flame. Allow it to cool down and transfer it to a glass container and the cream is ready for application. Read also: HOW TO MAKE HANDS SOFT AND SMOOTH AT HOME.

How to use:

Wash your face and apply this cream daily at night cream. Massage is good for 2 minutes until it absorbs completely into the skin. Wash off the next morning.

When to use:

Regular application will help you to attend amazing skin results. Its best known to remove all sorts of dark patches and pimple marks from the face.

Does orange peel whiten skin?

It has amazing skin lightening properties which leave behind dull skin. It has mild bleaching properties as well which makes skin look bleached and moisturized.

Does milk cream lighten skin?

Since milk contains lactic acid it works amazingly to lighten up skin tone. It soothes sunburns. As it contains proteins it helps in wound healing and diminishes skin spots.