What is Your Skin Type

What is Your Skin Type?

Do you know what kind of skin you have ? Or have you ever tried to know your skin type? Every product available in the market contains specific elements. These elements can not be suitable for some specific skin types. So it is necessary to know what your skin type. If you know you can use or chose right products for yourselves. Usually there are different type of skins like oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin etc. Now question is that, how to know your skin type ? Don’t worry just read some of the simple steps given below. After reading you can find your skin type easily. Read more Here 5 Homemade Facial Mist for a Cool and Fresh Skin in Summer.

The bare face method to know your skin type

It is an old and one of the best method, used for centuries to know the skin types. Read more here Summer Special: 7 Curd Face packs for Healthy Skin.

How to do this

  • Just clean your face properly and make your face dry with cotton cloth.
  • Now leave it for at least one hour.
  • Don’t use any moisturizer or cream.
  • After that just examine your face with any short of shine on chicks, nose, forehead and chin or any other area of your face.
  • If you find oil then you have oily skin.
  • After 1 hour if you find some tightness while smiling or eating food. then you have dry skin.
  • If you have a noticeable Shine on your forehead and nose then you have a combination type of skin.

The Blotting Sheet method to know your skin type

This is one of the easiest and the fastest method to know what kind of skin you have. Read more here Summer Skin Care: 7 Tips to Get Healthy and Glowing Skin.

How to do this

  • Clean your face properly.
  • Make it dry with cotton cloth
  • Leave it for 30 minutes don’t use any moisturizer cream.
  • Now take a bolting paper and pat this paper on your face properly
  • Now remove the paper.
  • Check paper for oil.
  • If you find a little or no oil on paper when you have dry skin.
  • If you find excessive  oil on the paper then you have oily skin.
  • If you find oil on bolting paper at a place of your nose and fore head then you have combination type of skin.

Instead of these two methods you can also check your skin as per given identifications.

Other methods to to know your skin type

Here re the some of the best and useful ways to know what types of skin you have. So just read it till end to get complete idea to know your skin type. Read more here Homemade DIY Serums for Glowing And Flawless skin.

Oily skin

Due to hyperactive sebaceous gland you may have excessive oil on your face and due to oily skin you may have blackheads whiteheads and pimples on your face.

Dry skin

When you feel tightness on your face throughout the day and you may also experience flaking on your face then you may have dry skin there will be so many reasons of dry skin like genetics environmental hormonal changes etc

Combination skin

If you notice  there’s always oil on  your T zone  (the area which include  forehead nose and chin) and  dryness  on other  part of the face  then you have  a combination type of skin. Read also Why You Should Do 2 min Facial Massage Daily.

Sensitive skin

If you feel your skin is dry, itchy, patchy and there is redness always on your face then you have sensitive skin.

Normal skin 

If there is no too much of oil or dryness on your face then congratulations, you have normal skin.

hope you like this information. if you know more ways to know skin type then please share with me. For any query or suggestion, please comment in the comment box. Check my YouTube channel “Beautiful You” for more useful beauty tips.