D Tan Body and Face  Pack For Fair and Moisturized Skin

Body care is equally important as skincare. Tanning is usually achieved on exposure to sun rays and environmental pollution. Apart from all these lack of skin and body care will also leave the skin tan and uneven. D tan packs help to remove tan and dirt. Read also: BENEFITS OF TOMATO FOR SKIN: 10 TOMATO FACE MASKS.

In today’s remedy, you will get to know about 2 simple D tan body and face packs which will leave your skin fair and even in just one use. It’s a tried and tested remedy.

Remedy 1:

How to prepare:

In a bowl take one teaspoon of gram flour along with 1 teaspoon of charcoal powder in it. Then add rose water to the mixture. Squeeze down the juice of half to full lemon until the pack achieves its consistency. Mix well and keep aside.

Benefits of ingredients:

Charcoal powder is great for adding freshness to skin complexion. It makes the complexion brighter and fairer in just one use. It works great as a skin exfoliant and helps to wipe off dead skin cells and tan from the face.

It adds a healthy glow to the skin. It doesn’t add much shine to the face but controls oiliness from the face and body.

Gram flour is a great natural skin cleanser and helps to exfoliate skin deeply from within. it makes skin brighter and adds glow and shine to the skin. Gram flour is used since ancient times in order to treat various skin problems.

Rosewater helps to lighten up scars and removes pigmentation. It helps to seal moisture and keeps the skin hydrated and supple for hours. Read also: REMOVE PIMPLES (ACNE) OVERNIGHT NATURALLY AT HOME.

Lemon juice in combination with charcoal powder works excellently. Both have the properties of skin exfoliation. Helps in the removal of blackheads, whiteheads, and tan from the face.

How to use:

Before taking shower apply this pack where ever skin is uneven or pigmented. You can use this pack on underarms and private body parts as well. Face application is also permitted. Apply this pack and leave it good for 15 to 20 minutes. Then wash off with normal plain water.

When to use:

You can use this D tan bodypack once a week. If the skin is too tan and dull then repeat this pack twice a week for best results.

Remedy 2:

How to prepare:

In a bowl take one teaspoon of charcoal powder. Now add in one teaspoon of neem powder along with lemon peel powder. Now add in a half teaspoon of honey. Prepare the required consistency with the help of raw milk. Mix well and keep aside.

Benefits of ingredients:

Neem powder is basically used to lighten up scars and helps to achieve a cleansed and glowing look. It works great for nourishing skin and is good to treat pimples and bacterial infections on the skin. Read also: GOOD VIBES VITAMIN E NOURISHING FACE CREAM REVIEW.

Lemon peel powder works as a great anti-tan face pack. It helps you to pamper skin in an excellent manner. It helps to fade away blemishes and dark spots from the face and body. It’s high in vitamin C and works as a great skin exfoliator.

Raw milk acts as an anti-tan skin agent and helps to glow out skin from within. It lightens up skin and helps to fade away blemishes and spots from the skin.

How to use:

Apply this D tan pack evenly to the face and body. Allow it to dry. Then massage for 2 to 5 minutes and then wash off with normal plain water.

When to use:

Use it thrice a week as it’s very effective in treating stubborn spots and tans on the body.