Wow Activated Charcoal Face Wash Review

Wow Activated Charcoal Face Wash Review

Say Bye to the dirt and pollution residues by using Wow activated charcoal face wash. This face wash naturally activates the skin from the pollution impurities. The skin repairs itself more naturally and restores the natural skin glow. Most important ingredient charcoal is in activated form which traps away the dirt and pollution from outside. The skin leaves a velvety and soft look after use. The skin achieves a revitalized and fresh look.

Key Ingredients

The main key ingredients of Wow Activated charcoal face wash are activated charcoal powder, tea tree oil and aloe Vera extracts.

Activated Charcoal:

It is regarded as a skin purifying ingredient which helps in removing environmental pollution. The dirt and skin surface impurities are cleaned away effectively. Even the minute microscopic particles of dirt are cleaned away effectively. The dead skin layer is exfoliated greatly and skin pores are unclogged very well. Also Read

Tea Tree Oil:

The tea tree oil is an effective essential oil which has skin repairing and protective properties. The skin excess oil is removed and the pores are left out cleaned and toned. Tea tree oil is great for fighting against acne and germs. The skin scars and wounds are greatly healed.

Aloe Vera Extracts:

Aloe Vera extracts is a great mineral and moisture activator that deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin. The skin dryness is greatly reduced and it achieves a barrier of moisture.

Benefits Of Wow Activated Charcoal Face Wash

  • Wow activated charcoal face wash helps in gently exfoliating the skin as it has a silicone brush. The presence of activated charcoal in this face wash helps to draw the minute dust particles from the skin’s surface and pores.
  • The tea tree oil in it helps in keeping the acne in check and leaves the skin fresh and active. This oil helps to balance acne prone skin. The skin oil production is greatly controlled and leaves the skin moist.
  • It not only cleanses the face but also hydrates the skin layer. The skin pores are cleaned effectively and helps the skin absorb the moisture very well.
  • It is a dermatologically tested face wash which is free from parabens, sulphates and artificial colours.
  • Tea tree oil helps in revitalizing the skin and repairs the damage skin exposure from the sun Ray’s.

How To Use Wow Activated Charcoal Face Wash

Damp your face with water and take some quantity of it on your palm. Apply the face wash on your neck and face. This face wash comes with a built in brush which have silicone bristles in it. Massage the face wash in a circular motion in skin. This silicone brush helps in deep skin exfoliation.

Massage for about 2 minutes and then wash it off with plain water. The skin achieves a fresh and toned look. Follow it up with a good face moisturizer. Read Also Nutriherbs Activated Charcoal Soap With AloeVera (Product Review)

Who Can Use Wow Activated charcoal face wash

If your skin is experiencing a dull look then this face wash helps in cleaning away the dirt and dead skin cells from the skin. The skin is more revitalized and fresh after use.


It comes in a 100ml bottle face wash which is priced for about Rs.359 From Amazon. It has a It has a good and easy to use packaging and leaves the skin fresh and toned.

My Experience After Using Wow Activated Charcoal Face wash

Being a working person daily exposing the skin with the pollution and dirt left my skin damaged and dull. When I  came through Wow activated charcoal face wash I thought of using this face wash. After giving a try to this face wash I must say this face wash was a game changer for the skin. This face wash effectively cleans away the skin dirt and pollutants. The skin feels more revitalized and fresh after use.

This face wash is not only suitable for acne prone skin but also normal skin type users can also use it. The smell of the face wash is not that attractive. The skin sebum production is greatly controllable. Just give it a try once.

Can we use Wow charcoal face wash daily?

Yes, it can be used in daily basis as it has to be used twice a day for best results. Massage your skin very well for about 2 minutes before rinsing.

Benefits of charcoal face wash?

It helps In clearing the skin dirt and controls the skin excess oil production. The a ne Mark’s are also greatly reduced.