Nutriherbs Activated Charcoal Soap with AloeVera product review

Nutriherbs Activated Charcoal Soap with AloeVera (Product Review)

Skin Care
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When we talk about charcoal one thing which come in our mind is cooking. But it is an old thing, now a days we found so many cosmetic products available in the market like charcoal activated face mask and soaps, has charcoal as their main ingredient. Activated charcoal is best for your skin. When you apply it directly on your skin, it brings bacteria, toxins, chemicals, dirt, oil, and other micro-particles to the surface of your skin. After that it absorbs all foreign substances on your skin and when you rinse your face it becomes clear from all kind of dirt, dust, grime, bacteria’s and chemicals. Hence we can say charcoal is best for your skin. So today  i am going to review Nutriherbs Activated Charcoal Soap with AloeVera. So here is the review. Fore more beauty product reviews click here.

Why Nutriherbs Activated Charcoal Soap with AloeVera glam and glow is good for your skin? Let’s know how. Activated charcoal is a good skin cleanser. It cleans the pores of your skin by pulling out the dirt, dust and excessive oil. So it avoids clogging of your skin pores. Thus we can say that this is best charcoal soap available in the market to eliminate acne, bumps and black heads and good in detoxing your entire body. The Nutriherbs Activated Charcoal Soap, glam and glow is the  best cleansing soap ever.

Video Review of Nutriherbs Activated Charcoal Soap with Aloe Vera

You can also watch the review of this charcoal soap here.

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Main ingredients in Nutriherbs Activated Charcoal Soap with Aloe Vera

1. Charcoal


As I have already mentioned charcoal is one of the best ingredient for your skin health. It cleans your skin from deep inside so it avoids the accumulation of dirt, dust, grime and chemicals on your skin.

2. Aloe Vera

As Aloe Vera is rich in Axim and Gibberellins so it is good in wound healing and soothing of your skin.

3. Glycerin

It is an ingredient which is also known a good humectant. It has been used for centuries to treat acne, pimples, wrinkles and fine lines.

4. Haldi or Turmeric

It is best known for reducing scars and healing wounds. It has anti-inflammatory properties so it soothes your skin.

5. Jojoba oil

It has antibacterial properties which stops bacterial growth in your skin pores. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, thus soothes the irritated skin.

My experience for Nutriherbs Activated Charcoal Soap with AloeVera

Finally after using this Nutri herbs aloe Vera activated charcoal soap glam and glow, I can say this is the best charcoal soap available in the market. It really removes dirt, dust, grime and other harmful substances from my skin. It makes me feel fresh, rejuvenated and younger. It is best for people who have oily skin too. It removes the excessive oil from my skin and clean my skin pores. So it saves my skin from acne and tightens the skin pores.

Price 189/- only

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Hope you like this review of nutria herbs aloe Vera activated charcoal soap glam and glow. If you are using this or have used this soap, please share your experience with me. For any query or suggestion please write me in the comment box.


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