7 Killer Tips To Get a Perfect Selfie

7 Killer Tips To Get a Perfect Selfie

This is an era of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Myspace social networking sites. Due to this, the need of photos has increased. This is also a fact that we all click selfies of ourselves. Because we all want to upload it on social networks like Facebook, Instagram etc. There is always competition, whose pic or selfie is better. So I will tell you 7 killer tips to get a perfect selfie.

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1. Don’t use sunscreen or product contains SPF to get a perfect selfie

This is very common nowadays, we all use sunscreen or products which has SPF so that we can avoid harmful Sun rays. Due to sunscreen, Sunrays are reflected back thus it save our skin from harmful radiation. Actually having sunscreen on your face is good for our skin. But when we take a selfie of our self, this sunscreen spoils our photos due to reflection. So avoid applying sunscreen when you want to get a perfect selfie of yourself.

2. Know the correct angle of your phone to get a perfect selfie

The angle of the phone matters a lot for a selfie. If you are not keeping the angle of your phone correct, it will spoil your selfie pic and you may have a double chin in a photo. At the time of selfie, you must focus your phone at your forehead. It will give you a perfect selfie of yourself.

3. Don,t over smile while taking a selfie

Smiling pic look always good but over smile can spoil your selfies. If you smile more, this can make your face look small. And there may be the wrinkles or lines on your face also. So while clicking a selfie doesn’t over smile. You can also put your tongue behind your teeth. This trick will stop your gums and teeth from coming out while clicking a selfie.

4. Check your foundation

Foundation should be as per your skin tone. Wrong selection of foundation can spoil your selfie. So always chose the foundation which suits your skin tone.

5. Apply some blush on your face

If you use some blush before clicking a photo. Your photo will look flat. So apply some blush before clicking a selfie. It will make you look younger and attractive in photos.

6. Don’t blink too much to get a perfect selfie

Some of you have faced this problem of rapid eye blinking. This is not good for a selfie. You can use a trick to avoid this problem. Close your eyes for at least 20 sec before clicking a selfie.

7. Check the bold colour on your face

Apply only one bold colour. Means either you apply bold lipstick (click here to know how to wear red lipstick perfectly)  or you apply a bold eye shadow. To get a good selfie use only one bold color.

Hope you like this information. If you have any suggestion on “How to take a perfect selfie” then please write in the comment box. I would like to Liston it from you. Also, check my youtube channel Beautiful You here.

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