How to Do Makeup at Home Step by Step

How to Do Makeup at Home Step by Step

Now a day’s importance of make-up can not be denied. Make has become an essential part of our life. It is true; Marriages, parties or festivals can not be attended without makeup. No doubt makeup makes us more beautiful, gorgeous and smart but it takes a huge amount of money and time. But I think you all can learn makeup. It is not as difficult as it looks. So In this post, I am going to share with you a step by step guide of doing makeup at your own. So let’s learn how to do make at home.

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Items required to do makeup

These are the basic things you need before you start makeup. Before makeup, you should clean your face for any leftover make, dust, dirt and oil.

  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Blush/bronzer
  • Powder
  • Eye shadow
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Lipstick/ gloss

Apply primer

This is the first and one of the most essential steps of doing makeup. You must use a good quality of primer as your makeup longevity and smoothness depend on the primer. The primer should be as per your skin tone. Chose mattifying primer for oily skin and gel-based primer for dry skin.  Your Primer shrinks skin pores and makes your skin smooth. It covers fine lines, wrinkles acne spots and scars. Primer also saves your make from sweating. You can apply primer by your hands on your whole face. So do priming properly. You can apply primer as make-up itself but it should match your skin tone.

How to apply primer

  • Before primer apply some moisturizer on your face
  • Start from the centre to out of the face
  • Use fingertips or sponge you are comfortable with
  • Avoid your eye area
  • Leave it for 5 min so that it can be sat

Apply foundation

Make sure the shade of foundation must match to your skin colour. With the help of brush or sponge, apply foundation on your face. Blend foundation well on areas of your face where you have acne marks, scars and blemishes. Make sure you blend foundation over your ears, neck and eyelid properly. If you don’t do this step it will leave your ear and neck with a different colour. You must check the foundation for unevenness in natural light.

Apply concealer

how to apply concealer

It is used to even out the uneven skin tone on your face. You must apply it under your eyes, on spots, marks and blemishes. Concealer shade must be slightly lighter than your skin tone. Apply it with the help of concealer brush and blend well on edges. First, draw a triangle under your eyes in a triangle shape then blend it on the edges. You can use a different colour of concealer for different reasons like using green colour concealer for acne and red spots, pink colour concealer for dark circles and yellow-toned concealer for uneven skin tone.  Now your make up base is ready.

How to apply concealer

  • First, dab the concealer under your eyes in a triangle shape
  • Blend well on edges of the triangle
  • Now dab the concealer on acne spots, marks, sunspots and any other blemishes
  • Apply concealer on the centre of the forehead, above and below eyebrows, lips edges and centre of the chin.
  • Now blend it well
  • Now set the concealer with the help of setting powder

How to do Eye makeup

Lining is a very important part of eye makeup. First, draw a line over water line and then draw the line with the help of eyeliner on the outer corner of your lash line. Now curl your eyelashes. Apply mascara on your eyelashes. I suggest that you should apply 2 coat of mascara for more beautiful eyelashes.  You can make your eyes bigger and beautiful with right eye shadow. Before applying eye shadows, apply primer on your eyelids. It will increase the longevity of eye shadows.

Making your brows

Perfect, defining and well-shaped brows make your face more beautiful. Over plucked and sparse eyebrows needs extra attention.  So you need a pencil which matches your eyebrow colour. Fill the brows gap with the help of pencil stroke. Use highlighter under your brows. You can apply gel also to make your brows well-shaped and defined.

How to apply Apply blush

Blushes are very necessary to get a glow on your skin or face. With the help of brush apply blush on your cheeks. You can use a powder blush or cream blush as per your skin type. Use powder blush for oily skin use cream blushes for dry skin type. Use highlighter on cheeks bones, on the bridges of your nose and under your brows bone for an extra radiant glow. When you smile there is an apple on your cheek, on this area (apple of your cheek), apply blush.

Right shades of blushes as per skin tone

Pale skin- pink or tan blush

Darker skin tone- plump or red blush

Olive skin- almond or warm brown blushes

How to Apply Lipstick

Beautiful lips give you an awesome look. Before doing anything to your lips you must moisturize them with lip balm for beautiful looking lips. Choose lipstick as per your skin tone. Before applying make sure your lips are exfoliated properly. There should be no flakiness on your lips. Now apply some good quality of moisturizer on your lips. Use a primer before lipstick as it will stop lipstick bleeding and your lipstick last long. Now apply the colour you like on your lips. Finally, apply some good quality of gloss on your lips.

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Now you have learned how to do makeup easily at home. For any query or suggestion please write to me in the comment box. You are most welcome. You can also check my youtube channel “Beautiful You” for latest beauty products reviews, DIY beauty tips and latest mehndi designs