9 Best Lip Balms for Chapped and Dry Lips 2018

9 Best Lip Balms for Chapped and Dry Lips 2018

Lip care in winter is a serious cause of concern for all of us. In winter due to dry and harsh weather, our lips become chapped and dry. The skin of lips is very sensitive so we need extra nourishment for our lips especially. In order to keep our lip nourished and hydrated, we all use lip balms. So here are the 9 best lip balms to get rid of dry and chapped lips in this winter season.

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1. Solace DE Artisan Lemon Kiss Plumping Organic Lip Balm- Super Value Pack 15g

You must use this lip balm to get rid of chapped and dry lips easily. It nourishes your lip from deep inside and makes them soft and lustrous. You apply this amazing lip balm any time in a day. This is one of the best lip balms to try in this winter. Read also 7 Easy Tips to Take Care of Dry Skin Naturally in Winter.


It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and Para beans. So it doesn’t have any side effect.

2. Lotus Herbals Lip Balm Raspberry, 5g

It is a great moisturizer for lips to be used in winters. It keeps your lips softens always and keeps the harmful effects harsh weather from lips. Lotus Herbals Lip Balm makes your lips soft, smooth and well-nourished. It has Raspberry one of its main ingredients. Hence it soothes and tones your lip skin well.


3. Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm Lightens and Evens-Out Lip Tones, 12g

This is a unique product from Biotique. It doesn’t only make your lip moisturized and nourished but it also lightens your lip tones. This lip balm really brings pinkish glow on your lips when you use it regularly. It smells good and fades away very quickly. All that I can say it is the best lip balm available in India. How to Get Rid of Chapped and Dry Lips Naturally.


As it is an ayurvedic lip balm so it contains some of the best ayurvedic ingredients. Let’s have a look.

  • Mulethi
  • Badam (Almond)
  • Surajmukhi Kusumbhi
  • Til
  • Erandi

4. Vaadi Herbals Assorted Lip Balms, 10g

This is a combination of 5 different flavour lip balm. It is best which you can do to your lips in this winter season. These lips balms don’t contain any colour which is visible on your lips after the application. These lip balms are 1 strawberry, 1 orange, 1 lychee, 1 mint and 1 blueberry lip balms. 7 Best Face Wash For Acne And Pimples In 2018.


All ingredients available in these herbal lip balms keep your lips moisturized and well-nourished.

  • Almond oil
  • Honey
  • Strawberry extract
  • Vitamin E
  • Jojoba oil
  • Pure orange oil
  • Shea butter
  • Lychee
  • Blueberry extract

5. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer SPF 15, 4g

It protects your lips from harmful sun-rays as it contains PABA-free SPF 15. It rejuvenates the lip skin and keeps your lips healthy and soft. This is one of my best lip balms which does not contain any fragrance or colour. It keeps your lips look natural all day. It is dermatologist tested product. This can also be applied over lipstick as it is colourless. Read also Tips To Wear Red Lipstick Perfectly.

6. Nivea Lip Care Fruity Shine, Blackberry, 4.8g

This Nivea product keeps your lip moisturized and well hydrated for whole the day in winter. You can even use it with lipsticks to get glossy pink lips. It rejuvenates your lips with light blackberry aroma, a fabulous shimmer and light glossy colour. If you love your lips you must use this product.

7. Forest Essentials Luscious Sugared Rose Petal Lip Balm, 4g

As it has extra moisturizing and hydrating properties so it softens and replenishes dry and chapped lips well. This amazing lip balm doesn’t let the moisture away from your lips and keep your lips hydrated for a long time. Also, Read 5 best Proven ways to get pink lips at home naturally.


  • Rose petals soaked with honey
  • Kokum Butter (regenerate and nourish skin cells)
  • Organic Beeswax (rejuvenates and firms the skin)
  • Cocoa Seed Butter ( keep lips soft, supple and elastic

8. Nivea Lip Balm, Original Care, 4.8 g, One of the best lip balms

This Nivea lip balm has no colour. It keeps your lip colour original. It is one of the best and cheap products. This Nivea lip balm keeps lips moistured up to 12 hrs. It saves your lips from getting dried out in cold winter. It even doesn’t feel when you apply it on your lips. All that I can say about it, the best product must try.


  • Jojoba Oil
  • Shea Butter

9. Maybelline New York Bright Out Loud Baby Lips, Vivid Peach, 1.9g

It keeps your lips Bright shine. It is a great moisturizer for sensitive and soft lips. As it contains SPF 13 hence saves your skin from harmful UV rays and harsh cold weather. It Dermatologists tested products.


  • Vitamin E
  • Shea butter
  • Jojoba oil

Hope you like this Amazing article. You can also add your lip balm to this list of best lip balms, please share your experience with me. if you any query or suggestion please write to me in the comment box thank you…..