Different Things to Add in Shampoo to Enhance its Benefits

Different kinds of shampoos are available according to different hair types. Even after using shampoo, our hair will be deficient in some or another way. By adding different ingredients, we can enhance its properties more in order to reduce the problem of hair fall, and dullness and to increase the strength of hair.

In today’s remedy, we will get to know about different ingredients to add to shampoo to make it more beneficial. Read also:7 MOST COMMON HAIR CARE MISTAKES YOU ARE ALSO MAKING.

Remedy 1:

How to prepare:

Take shampoo according to hair length and add half a juice of lemon along with 2 capsules of vitamin E. Then wash your hair with the prepared mixture of shampoo and lemon juice and dry off.


Vitamin E helps in supporting a healthy scalp and maintains a natural anti-oxidant effect on the scalp. This could reduce the oxidative stress that causes the hair follicle cells in a scalp to break down.

Lemon juice helps in building up dust from the scalp. It promotes the growth of hair and adds shine to hair. It maintains scalp health and refreshes hair very well.

Remedy 2:

This remedy is great if you want to add extra softness to hair and make them tangle-free.

How to prepare:

In the required shampoo quantity add about a tablespoon of honey to it. Thoroughly mix and then apply to scalp and then wash it off. Read also: HOW TO USE BEER FOR BEAUTIFUL SKIN AND HEALTHY HAIR.


Honey is great for moisturizing the scalp, especially for dry hair. It even helps in reducing hair breakage and improves the natural condition of hair. It helps in reducing frizz and makes the hair extra soft and manageable.

Remedy 3:

This is great for adding shine and strength to hair.

How to prepare:

Squeeze out some fresh aloe vera gel or even store-bought ones can be used. In regular shampoo add in aloe vera gel and wash your scalp thoroughly with this. Rinse off with normal plain water.


Aloe vera juice helps to add strength and shine to hair. It’s even great for reducing hair fall. It makes the hair soft, and smooth and reduces hair breakage too.

Remedy 4:

This remedy is great to deal with various scalp issues. Read also: HOW TO REDUCE HAIR FALL AND INCREASE HAIR GROWTH NATURALLY.


Yes, rose water is even quite beneficial to hair. It helps to add natural fragrance and adds up shine to the hair. It helps in reducing dandruff and removes oil from the scalp as well. It helps to reduce frizz and makes hair manageable.

Remedy 5:

This is great for reducing hair fall and helps to fight off scalp infections and makes the hair grow long.

How to prepare:

In regular shampoo add rice water. Mix thoroughly and wash your hair with a mixture of rice water and shampoo.


Rice water is used by the Japanese to tame down hair and make hair frizz-free. It reduces hair fall as it has proteins and amino acids in it. It helps the hair to grow longer and increases the volume of hair. The hair becomes stronger and much healthier after use.

Can rice water be used every day?

It can be used every day as a toner for hair as well as on the skin. It even adds elasticity to the skin and makes the skin free of wrinkles and fine lines.

Does aloe vera promote hair growth?

Aloe vera helps to increase the length of hair and makes the hair stronger and shinier. It’s like a one-stop destination for all hair problems. Especially in summers it helps to add coolness to the scalp and relieves scalp irritation.