7 Most Common Hair Care Mistakes You Are Also Making

7 Most Common Hair Care Mistakes You Are Also Making

Hair is one of the most attractive parts of one’s personality. Both men and women desire to have healthy, strong and beautiful hair. Our hair quality depends on the way how we treat our hair. Do we need to pay close attention to how are we treating our hair? We all know that we need an update on each and every aspect of life. So possibilities are there, our techniques of hair treatment might not be right. In this article I am going to reveal 7 Most Common Hair Care Mistakes You Are Also Making and these are very harmful to your hair. So let’s know these 7 Most Common Hair Care Mistakes which you might be doing.

1. Wrong-way of combing hair one of the most common hair care mistakes we all do

You must know how to comb your hair first. Wrong combing of hair can lead to some serious problems to your hair like hair fall, hair breakages and frizzy hair etc. This is a common practice we all do, When we come out from the shower, we start combing of our hair instantly. But we must know that hair is most fragile when they are wet. So you must avoid combing in wet hair. Your hair problem also links to the type of brush or comb you use. Combing with fine teeth generates more friction while combing. So choose the right brush or comb for your hair. Always apply some moisture or oil before combing. Know more combing mistake here…

2. Wrong-way of washing your hair

If you have hair related problem like hair fall, breakage of hair and thinning of hair, just check how you wash your hair. We all usually follow leather, rinse and repeat the method. This method may not be useful for your hair. You must check the way you wash your hair. Your hair wash routine must be as per your hair type. There are three types of hair-thin hair, thick hair and curly hair. Among these three types of hair-thin hair are prone to breakage. So people with thin hair should be very careful while washing your hair. Applying shampoo in a circular motion is not good for your hair as it creates more friction and lead to the breakage of hair. Let’s know how to wash your hair.

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First, rinse your hair with warm water as it will be easier now to remove dirt dust and grease from your hair and scalp. If you have long hair first apply light hair conditioner to the ends. It will make washing of hair easy. The shampoo is necessary for the cleansing of your hair. But too much shampoo might be very harmful to your hair. Excessive use of shampoo removes natural oil from your scalp hence making your scalp drier and you may have the problem of dandruff, hair breakage and frizzy hair etc.

A shampoo which has Sulphate is very harmful to your scalp as it removes natural oil from your scalp. So always try to use shampoos which don’t have Sulphate and Parabens. So try to Avoid these common Hair care mistakes of washing of hair in order to get beautiful, strong and healthy hair. Know more how to chose right shampoo for you…

3. Towel drying of hair the most common hair care mistakes

This is a common mistake and we all do this. We use a towel to dry our hair after a shower. Using a towel for drying hair in circulation motion generates more friction. Hence it is the main cause of frizzy and dry hair. You must not rub the towel on wet hair as wet hair is more brittle. Instead of rubbing, you should press the towel on wet hair.

4. Use of blower to dry out your hair

Application of excessive heat on hair is not good for your hair health. Frizzy, dry and brittle hair may be due to excessive heat exposure to your hair. So always use worm air instead of heated air on your hair and you should also move hair drier quickly on hair as blowing air on a particular area of hair can be very harmful to your hair health.

5. Frequent Hair-styling those are not good for hair health

Hairstyle adds to your beauty a lot. Frequent changing of hairstyle can be very dangerous to your hair. To have a different hairstyle we use harmful chemicals and different kind of heat tools on our hair. This practice leads to the problem like thinning of hair, low hair density and breakage of hair. So don’t change your hairstyle frequently and try to avoid the application of heat tools on your hair. You should always use hair spray after curl as alcohol present in hair spray reduces the effects of heat on hair. Know here latest hairstyle for girls.

6. Not taking regular hair cuts

You all have faced the problems of split ends. The main reason for the split end is not having a regular haircut schedule. The split end leads to a problem like dry, frizzy and brittle hair. So always schedule your hair cut to avoid the problem of split ends.

7. Do you know your hair type?

It’s a fact most of us don’t know what type of hair we have. Your hair care routine must be as per your hair type. You may have thin, thick, oily, dry, curly and coarse hair. So try to find out your hair type or consult your hairstylist. After knowing your hair type, use hair care products like shampoo, conditioners and hair oils as per your hair type. Know more what is your here type…


Hope you like this article, if you know more hair care mistakes please share them with me. For any query or suggestion please write to me in the comment box. Check my youtube Beautiful You channel also for more beauty and health tips.