Easy Bangle Mehndi Design Tutorial Trick for Front Hand

Easy Bangle Mehndi Design Tutorial Trick for Front Hand

This is the most simple and easy design which work for the Women who always like to draw mehndi on their hands. The combination of bangles and circles really makes this bangle mehndi design the most simple and attractive. This bangle mehndi design is one of the simplest designs to draw; you even don’t need an expert. Learn also 7 Latest Stylish Floral Mehndi Designs For Girls.

Attractive Bangle mehndi design

Bangle Mehndi design is not new, it has been worn by brides for centuries. In this modern time, this bangle mehndi design is different from the one which was tried in the past. This design carries so many small bangles. These small circles of bangle shape are decorated with leaves and branches. Learn also New Dubai Style Mehndi Design Tutorial.

A simple trick to draw perfect circles

This is one of the easiest and attractive mehndi designs. You can apply this mehndi design on front hand easily. But the making of perfect circles is not an easy task. Here is a simple trick to make these small circles perfect. You can use a small plastic bottle to make these circles. I have shown this trick in the video also. Learn also Beautiful Stylish Back Hand Jewellery Mehndi design Tutorial.

Bangle mehndi design video tutorial

I attached a video tutorial from my YouTube channel so that all mehndi lovers can learn this beautiful mehndi design easily. You can use a small plastic bottle as I used to draw small circles on your hands. With a plastic bottle, you can draw perfect circles. With these small perfect circles, your mehndi design will be more complete and perfect. I am sure with this amazing mehndi design you are going to win the heart of the people. Learn also Beautiful Jewellery Mehndi Design For Back Hands.

For more mehndi design tutorial like this please check my YouTube channel “Beautiful You “also. Hope you like this simple and attractive mehndi design tutorial. If you know more beautiful bangle mehndi design you can share them with me. For any query or suggestion you can write in the comment box, thank you.