Attractive square mehndi design trick for back hand

Attractive square mehndi design trick for back hand

In today’s time most of girls and woman like mehndi. This is a trick of an attractive square mehndi design, I am going to share with you. As mehndi and tattoos are trending. Mehndi designs become the symbols of attraction in marriages and parties. But it also a fact that applying Mehndi is not an easy task. Most of girls and woman, don’t know how to apply mehndi design perfectly but they like it. I will tell you one the easiest trick to apply an attractive square mehndi design perfectly. It is a trick for a square-shaped attractive mehndi design. For this trick, you just need a cello tape and mehndi. Even beginners can apply this design easily on their hands.

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I tried my best to make this design easy. So that all woman and girl can apply it. This design will surely make you and your hands more attractive.

How to apply attractive square mehndi design

  • Wash your hand, your hands should not be oily
  • First, take the strip of cello tape
  • Place it on the back of your hand in a square shape as shown in the video
  • Apply mehndi on the back of your hand (whole backhand)
  • Let the mehndi dried up for at least 2 hrs
  • Now remove the cello tape strips one by one
  • Make an outline of the engraved mehndi shape on your hand
  • Finally, make some correction using the mehndi cone

Video tutorial for an attractive square shape mehndi design

I have covered all the steps one by one in this video. so that you can apply this attractive square shape mehndi design. Watch this video and learn this Design.

Hope you like this video tutorial. It is perfect for all modern women and girls, who like a mix of traditional and trendy to match their current style and standard of living. It is a predominantly simple and unique look for even kids who like mehndi. Also, check my Youtube channel for more mehndi designs ideas.