Trending Girlish Mehndi Design 2018

Trending Girlish Mehndi Design 2018

When we think about hand decoration, first only mehndi comes in our mind. This the best thing whereby you can make your hand more beautiful. It has been used in our tradition and culture for centuries. Today, mehndi is not limited to brides as it was earlier. Some of the beautiful mehndi designs can also be used in day to day life. So To-day I am going to share with you one of my favourite “Girlish mehndi design”. This girlish mehndi design can be made easily at home. This is very unique in itself. Any girl can apply this mehndi design. This is the time of fashion and style and everyone want to look different. So Mehndi design on full hand can not be used in day-to-day life. But This beautiful girlish mehndi design will give you a simple and sober look and make you more stylish.

How to apply this beautiful girlish mehndi design

I think this is the best girlish mehndi design in 2018. I wan all girl should apply this beautiful girlish mehndi design once on their hands. You don’t need any practice for this mehndi design. Just wash your hand properly. Take a Mehndi cone in your hand. And simply follow the steps shown in this video tutorial. I try to make it simple and short. So let’s watch this video.

You can use this mehndi design in school colleges or offices. Definitely you will be more attractive and glamorous with this beautiful girlish mehndi design.

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