Good Vibes Vitamin E Nourishing Face Cream Review

Good Vibes Vitamin E Nourishing Face Cream Review

It is a challenge to keep your skin or face nourished and hydrated in winter. So many products are available in the market which claims to moisturize your skin without any side effect. Which is the best? it is not easy to choose the right products. So today I am going to discuss a product “Good Vibes Vitamin E Nourishing Face Cream.” This is a new moisturizing cream which really gives nourishment and miniaturization to your skin.

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Good Vibes Vitamin E Nourishing Face Cream

The best part of this natural moisturizer is, it is not greasy and it works well on all skin type. You can apply it directly on your face daily and you will get a radiant, glowing and healthy skin soon.

No doubt some natural ingredients you can use as a moisturizer for your skin. But you can also opt for this Amazing product which is available in the market. Among these products, I would recommend Good Vibes Vitamin E nourishing face cream. This is the best ever moisturizer which I have used. It is not just a moisturizer but it keeps your skin fresh and rejuvenated. It is a paraben and mineral oil-free product.

Main ingredients

It has Vitamin E one of its main ingredients. It is a powerful anti-oxidant which is very useful in removing dead and dry skin. Being a light moisturizer it spread easily on your face and keeps your skin hydrated and nourished. It promotes the growth of new skin cells and you will get a soft supple and radiant skin fast. Other ingredients are as follows.

  • Glycerine
  • Sodium bi Carbonate
  • Cucumber extract
  • Grapefruit
  • Apple extract
  • Soya protein
  • Sugar cane extract
  • Ylang essential oil
  • Lavender oil

My experience with Good Vibes Vitamin E Nourishing Face Cream

Good Vibes Vitamin E Nourishing Face Cream is a cheap product, it does not cost you so much. All that I can say is, I love this cream. It has Vitamin E and a very mild fragrance which makes it a unique and different product. I feel it improves my skin complexion too. This is the best skin moisturizer to use in this winter. I like when it spread easily on my face and make me feel fresh and rejuvenated whole the day. So I recommend that you all should try this Good Vibes Vitamin E Nourishing Face Cream at least once. I am sure you going to love this amazing product.

It is available on Price 146/- only

Good Vibes Vitamin E Nourishing Face Cream DIY, for dark circles and open pores

You can also see the video tutorial for the nourishing face cream here. But I add a pinch of turmeric with this cream to enhance the quality of this amazing product. What I feel, with turmeric it can be used for dark circles and now it is very useful in shrinking your skin pores too and make your skin soft, supple and radiant. But I would suggest you apply this DIY face cream on the back of your hand first. If you get any reaction don’t use this DIY. But you can use the cream directly.

Hope you like this amazing Good Vibes Vitamin E Nourishing Face Cream review. If you want more skin-related product review, please write in the comment box.