Oriflame Wellness Nutri Shake for Weight Loss Review Side Effects & Uses

In today’s busy lifestyle it’s quite difficult to meet the nutritional needs of the body. Balancing a lifestyle with a healthy diet can only be possible by means of supplementing. Oriflame wellness Nutri shakes for weight loss have essential proteins provided in this shake which is derived from three high-quality sources along with slow-release carbs and Fibre.

Oriflame wellness shake is formulated with natural ingredients that fill the gaps in the diet and make an approach towards a healthy lifestyle. This brand offers a wide range of high-quality natural products that are developed by the world’s leading Swedish scientists. Let’s review oriflame wellness shake for weight loss reviews and know whether it stands against weight loss benefits or not.

oriflame wellness shake for weight loss

This Oriflame Nutri shake is naturally safe and clinically proven that gives excellent weight loss results. This delicious Oriflame shake with being healthy and vegetarian contains a blend of proteins along with low GI carbs and Fibre. The presence of optimum natural ingredients in this shake helps to satisfy hunger cravings and keeps us full for longer periods of time.

The slow carbs, protein, and Fibre in this Oriflame wellness Nutri weight loss shake help to achieve great success against hunger cravings. This shake was formulated and developed in Sweden.

Ingredients Of Oriflame Wellness Nutri weight loss shake

This shake contains pea proteins 30%, sweet whey powder, apple powder, soy protein (13%), rose hip powder, whey protein (5%), sugar beet Fibre, natural flavors, antioxidants ( ascorbic acid, alpha-tocopherol), sweetness in the form of sucralose.

Nutritive value per 100 grams

Energy- 371 calories

Protein- 42.8 grams

Carbohydrates- 36.4 grams

Total fat- 4.2 grams

Saturated fat- 1.2 grams

Unsaturated fat- 3 grams

Dietary Fibre- 8.3 grams

Nutritive value per portion (18 grams)

Energy – 67 calories

Protein – 7.7 grams

Carbohydrates- 6.5 grams

Sugars- 4.4 grams

Saturated – 0.2 grams

Unsaturated- 0.5 grams

Dietary Fibre- 1.5 grams

Full information on Oriflame with price, packaging, and shelf life

  • Brand name – Oriflame Wellness Nutri Shake with natural vanilla flavor.
  • Quantity – 500 grams
  • Benefits of product– Claims that helps in providing energy and helps with weight loss.
  • Packaging Of the product – This shake comes in a light green carton in tetra pack form with a Green dot which is a sign for vegetarian food. A measuring spoon is also provided, under the paper box.
  • Price Of the product– Its actual price is Rs. 2999. This can be availed at a discounted price on different online websites such as Amazon, flip card, snap deal, etc.
  • Manufactured and marketed by – Aminolans Deutschland GmbH, Germany, and marketed by Oriflame India Private limited.
  • Beneficial– This wellness shake can be used by both men and women.
  • Shelf life of the product– Almost a year
  • Texture -This supplement comes in powder form.

Benefits of Oriflame Wellness Nutri Shake

  • This Oriflame wellness Nutri shake provides a boost in energy as it contains macronutrients in it.
  • This nutrishake is natural due to the sided natural flavors and nutritional ingredients in it.
  • On consuming this nutriwellness shake, it helps to reduce hunger cravings which eventually reduces the load on calories leading to weight loss.
  • This nutriwellness shake Is high in protein and Fibre which not only provide optimum nutritional support to the body but they are the most important nutrients that lead to weight loss. Apart from protein helping in weight loss, it’s also beneficial for weight management as well.
  • This wellness shake contains rich vitamins in it which prove to be beneficial for skin and hair.
  • It contains apple and beet nutrients in it which help a person to keep the digestive system fit.
  • Oriflame wellness Nutri shake is free from gluten, artificial colors, and preservatives. This way, this shake can be easily taken by gluten-intolerant people who are on a mission to lose weight.

Different flavors of Oriflame Wellness Nutri Shakes

Oriflame wellness Weight loss shake can be chosen according to one’s preference. This shake comes in four different flavors mango, banana, strawberry, and natural vanilla.

How to use Oriflame Wellness Nutri weight loss shake

In order to use this shake, take about a serving of this wellness shake about 18 grams and dilute it with 150 ml of cold water. Shake well and enjoy. On a safety note, use this shake within 3 months of opening it and store it in an airtight container. Pregnant ladies, it’s advisable to consult a doctor before adding this to the diet.

Pros of Oriflame Wellness Nutri weight loss shake

  • This nutrishake is an excellent source of protein and comes in 3 different flavors.
  • This proves to be effective against weight loss.
  • Along with calorie consumption, this Nutri wellness shake helps to reduce calorie consumption as well.
  • It hardly takes 5 times to get prepared as it can be added to the bottle and shaker. Shake for 3 to 4 times and it’s good to go.


  • This product is expensive on the side to use.
  • Even if used once, it becomes difficult to buy the product again.

My Experience Review After Using Oriflame Wellness Nutri weight loss shake

Talking on a frank note, I am not a fan of adding supplements to my diet. I believe in consuming healthy and balanced meals so that the weight loss process can be speeded enough. As a working person, I hardly found time to meal prep for myself, there my friends suggested me of taking Oriflame wellness Nutri shake. As I was on a weight loss diet  I felt my energy levels were low enough so due to that reason I included this supplement in my diet so as to keep my energy levels high and to speed up the weight loss process.

I was fond of vanilla flavor, so picked up that, and trust me, the taste and flavor of this wellness shake are quite good enough. As made with protein from 3 different sources along with Fibre, this shake did not smell anything that. A point needs to be cleared enough is that, that this wellness Weight loss shake should not be a meal replacer whether it could be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It has to be consumed as a side drink along with a wholesome meal.

After Using this product for quite one week, I found a consistent increase in my energy level along with the feeling the fullness after consuming it. This made me consume fewer calories which eventually leads to weight loss. Apart from weight loss, I found myself energized all through the day along with a boost in concentration level.  Along with my hair, my skin also achieved a much healthier look since it contained all vitamins in it along with proteins.

I really recommend it to take this product as it can easily suit one’s body very easily. Price wise it’s expensive enough but the results are great when experienced. Give this a try.