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Type of Diet Plans For Weight Loss: Benefits & Side Effects

Weight loss industry comes with weight loss Diet Plans every now and then. There are so many diets out there. Some focuses on reducing appetite and some restricts the intake of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Not all the weight loss diets are popular and may not be suitable for every body type. All the popular weight loss diets are categorized on the basis of practicality, effectiveness, health and pricing. The more the diet is practical the easier it becomes for a person to follow it for a longer period until target is achieved. Here are some popular weight loss diets. Read also 7 Days diet plan for weight loss.

  • Military diet
  • GM diet
  • Atkins diet
  • Keto diet
  • Paleo diet
  • OMAD Diet
  • Intermittent fasting diet

We try to explore all these types of diet so that anyone who is trying to lose weight can know easily, which type of diet one should follow. So, which is the best diet for weight loss let us find out?

Military diet Plan

This is a short-term rapid weight loss diet Plans. It would be an exaggeration to call it a punishment rather than diet. But this diet proves to promise people for substantial weight loss in as little as one week. No doubt success rate is pretty high as water weight of body flushes out. However, it’s a short-term success story as weight comes back to normal as quickly as it was lost. This diet forced body into” starvation mode “as it is taking in so little food. As a result, metabolic rate slows down and we burn fewer calories doing daily activities. We start feeling tired. Since there is a lack of food our body starts to break down muscle tissue and convert it into glucose for fuel.


GM diet works well to kick start your journey for weight loss. However, it is not sustainable. Our body needs essential micro and macro nutrients and depriving for short period also can adversely affect our health. The approach is faulty it is nothing but spraining our body to nothing. Rather it slows metabolism, develops hair fall and weakness. The moment we come back to our old eating habits our weight will come back to normal as it was before. This diet ensures the consumption of complex carbs along with low calorie is better to switch to healthy sustainable eating plan that we can follow for life long time.


It’s a high protein diet. The problem with this diet that it is highly restrictive. It misses out on macronutrients and stress too much on particular macronutrient. This diet is also referred as Hunter gatherer diet. It is NO GRAINS, NO LEGUMES, NO DAIRY DIET as they are completely out of it. This diet stressed too much on red meats and other lean meats. As a result, not only, excess protein can overload kidneys but this diet can RIP our pockets as well. Studies suggest that this diet can lead to significant weight loss (without calorie counting) and major improvements in health.

Foods to avoid While on Paleo Diet: sugars (soft drinks, fruit juices, ice creams) grains including breads and pastas, legumes, beans lentils and dairy products.

INTERMITTENT FASTING: One of the best diet plans

It is one of the best diets as it is an intelligent way to eat. It is more like eating pattern where we fast for 16 hours and eat in a window of 8 hours. Intermittent fasting is ideal that it respects two important cycles of human body. It is two phases in it.

Intermittent fasting:

  • Elimination ( 16 hours fasting)
  • Building phase ( 8 hrs eating window)

During elimination phase it detoxifies, cleanses, repair and rejuvenates the body cells. Where’s in building phase the body is receptive enough to assimilate the nutrients properly. So, if we eat well it rebuilds itself. Research shows IF significantly reduces insulin (fat storing hormone) and increases growth hormone than increases muscle mass. 16 hours fast might be a tough task but our body gets adapt within 4 to 5 days when we start intermittent fasting. When a person sleeps the body is in fasting phase and during that phase it eliminates toxins and other stuff from body. We can start from 12 hours fast and gradually build to 16 hours fast.


it is a low carbohydrate diet recommended for weight loss. The main reason of low carbohydrate diet being effective is there is reduction in carbohydrate intake and increased protein intake leading to reduced appetite making is eat less calories. It restricts the intake of grains, legumes and even fruits and vegetables. Carbohydrates are considered as VILLIANS but we must understand NO Carbohydrate intake means NO Fibre and no fibre means it leads to constipation problem. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are non negotiable for proper functioning of body. Missing out on these trace nutrients can cause the body to suffer from nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, immunity weakness and even performance drops.

Foods to avoid: sugars especially soft drinks,icecream, fruit juices etc ) ,grains, starches, legumes some high carbohydrate fruits such as bananas are even restricted.

Foods to eat: meats, fish and other sea foods, eggs and low carbohydrate vegetables.


In this diet 80% of calories comes from fats,15% from protein and 5% from carbohydrates. It is a low carbohydrate diet .in this diet we get calories from fats. Carbs are the most efficient source for body to generate energy. When we take less carbohydrates then our body starts utilizing fats for energy purpose as there is deficiency of carbohydrates in the body. This form makes us lose weight and this is called as ketosis. Insulin is a hormone that let our body store sugar as fuel. In keto diet, it makes us burn through fuel so we don’t need to store it. In this way our body needs and makes less insulin. This low insulin levels can even help us in protecting from certain kinds of cancers.


OMAD diet is the advanced version of intermittent fasting where eating window is further reduced.  In this diet the fasting window is 23 hours and eating window is only 1 hour. AS long as we are eating one proper balanced meal OMAD is extremely healthy for the fuel. This type of diet creates calorie deficit which can lead to weight loss.The health benefits are related to restricting calories over a set time period. But before we get on eating three to four meals in a day to one meal a day it must be done slowly over a period of few years. If we suddenly jump, we won’t be able to sustain it and that don’t serve any purpose. Progression has to be slow and smooth.

Crash diet plans are worst of all like military diet. Highly restrictive diets like keto, Atkins miss out most of macronutrients. Overall, nothing can beat a balanced diet designed for individuals body type. A diet should not be a short-term thing it should be a lifestyle. When we eat such ways, our body gets properly nourished and fat loss is just a positive side of it. So be prominent and follow a healthy way of eating which not only creates a healthy lifestyle but also a healthier state of mind as well.

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