Washing Face With Gram flour

Amazing Benefits of Washing Face With Gram flour Instead of Soap

Gram flour or besan is present in the kitchen of every Indian house. Gram flour can be used to enhance beauty along with health. Girls who love their skin should prefer to wash their faces not with soap but with gram flour. Harmful Chemicals are found in all the soaps but gram flour is perfectly natural. This flour is rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids like linoleic acid and oleic acids, vitamins like riboflavin, niacin, folate, and beta-carotene. Washing face with gram flour has many benefits to the face. Let’s know here about the benefits of washing face with gram flour.


1. Tighten The Skin

If our skin follicles become large, then everyday dust mites will start to freeze inside it. Because of this, we may have to face many skin problems. Gram flour is rich with protein so washing face with gram flour will enrich the skin with the protein called collagen and thus tighten the loose skin pores. By doing this, we will also get rid of the acne problem because open pores cause acne.

2. Removes Tan

In summer, our skin gets scorched by strong sunlight and there is a problem of tanning. For removing the tan, wash the face with gram flour rather washing it from soap as it provides your skin with essential fatty acids which gently moisturize your skin and helps fight with tan and pigmentation. Gram flour will also lighten the colour of the skin besides removing the suntan.

3. Removes Dead Cells

If you want to remove the dead skin cells, then apply the paste of gram flour and rub it gently with light hands. This will remove all the dead cells from your skin and make it clear. It works by making the skin soft and shiny by removing dead cells.

4. Improves The Complexion

Besan or gram flour is also known to improve the complexion of the face. It also has bleaching properties that bleach the skin in a natural way. Gram flour comes with the goodness of linoleic acid and oleic acid which produces omega 3 after its application. Omega 3 regulates the PH level of the skin and minimizes the function of melanin which is responsible for skin pigmentation.

5. Dries Out Pimples

If you are facing the pimples problem then start washing your face with gram flour. In this way those pimples which are already there on your face they will start to dry slowly and the face will become clear and pimple free. Gram flour is a rich source of Riboflavin which is an important vitamin for those who are facing acne problem as it helps to balance the mucous secretion of the skin to prevent acne breakouts.

6. Lighten The Dark Spots

Gram flour can also be used to lighten the dark spot which occurs due to suntan, pigmentation and pimples breakdown. The bleaching elements in it lighten the dark spots on the face, so start cleaning the face with gram flour. Gram flour packs will clear the spots on the skin and due to the presence of beta carotene the skin colour will be improved. Also, the skin becomes soft and supple.

7. Removes Blackhead

If you are facing the problem of blackhead formation around your nose or chin then there is no better home remedy than gram flour. Gram flour is granulated in nature so it gently scrubs out the heads deposited in the skin pores thus gives amazing result if used as a skin scrub. Washing face with gram flour on an everyday basis gives permanent freedom from the heads by decreasing its formation.

8. Minimize The Pores Size

Big pores on the face look very bad and ugly. So to reduce their size always applies gram flour on your face. In a few days, you will find that skin pore size minimizes and skin will become tight and firm. It keeps your skin free from the problems of open pores, freckles and ageing effects.

9. Remove The Excess Oil

Gram flour is beneficial for oily skin too. For getting rid of excessive oil on the skin we apply soap on the face no doubt the face oil will disappear, but the face moisture also disappears instantly. This will not happen in the case if you wash your face with gram flour. You will get rid of oily skin in a few days.

10. Makes Skin Soft And Smooth

By applying gram flour powder, the skin becomes soft and smooth. On the other hand, if you apply soap on the face all the time, the face will dry up and skin becomes harsh and dull.

11. Safest Natural Face Wash

Gram flour is safe and natural while soap cannot guarantee 100% purity, gram flour is purer than soap. It neither contains chemicals nor does it harm the skin in any way.

12. Minimize The Wrinkles And Fine Lines

Gram flour has been used since olden times to enhance beauty. It rejuvenates the lifeless skin. Gram flour pack is used to clean the face and remove dead skin. Niacin present in gram flour is a key vitamin needed for tight skin. Niacin is known for increasing the hydration of skin also enhance the production of fibroblasts which helps to reduce the signs of wrinkles and fine lines thus makes skin more tight and firm.

13. Natural Scrub

Gram flour is a natural scrub, which is beneficial in cleansing the dead skin cells present on the upper layer. It can gently and effectively scrub the dead skin. Gram flour not only enhances the skin due to its cleansing feature but can also be used as an excellent scrub.

14. Brilliant Hair Remover

Apart from these, it is also effective in removing the small hair present on the face. You can get rid of unwanted hair by applying gram flour. When you do this, that part of the skin will look clean and dry.

15. Gives Freedom From Dry Skin

Gram flour is one of the best remedies for enhancing the beauty of the skin. It is good for all skin types. It is always gentle on the skin. Folate or Folic acid present in gram flour plays a major role in maintaining the moisture of the skin. Regular use of gram flour will increase the moisture retention power of skin so the essential oil gets intact within the skin pores thus keeping it moist and hydrated.

 16. Just For Skin Care

Till now all the tips you have been given were just for one thing and that is for everyday skincare. Because care can not only be taken when there is a problem. So regularly use gram flour as a face wash in different ways. Then skin tone will remain bright and natural forever.

Side Effects Of Washing Face With Gram Flour

  • Usually, gram flour is non-allergic but some of us might have super sensitive skin and they may be allergic to gram flour or to the elements present in it.
  • It is good to have a patch test before washing your face with gram flour.
  • If you suspect any type of allergy or hypersensitivity in your skin then suddenly stop using it.
  • You can also consult a skin specialist.
  • It’s preferably good if gram flour should not be used during summers as it generates heat when applied so in hot weather it may get inconvenient to use it.

Hope you like this article. If you know more benefits of using gram flour as a face wash then please write to me in the comment box. Share your queries and suggestion with me. Don’t forget to check my YouTube channel “Beautiful You” for more beauty tips and more.