Benefits of Drinking Honey water in the morning

Benefits of Drinking Honey Water Empty Stomach

We all use honey as an ingredient, considering it one of the most beneficial thing for our entire health. Yes, it is true. Honey can also be used an alternative to sugar and it is not harmful for our health. One tsp of honey contains 64 calorie and 17 gm of sugar hence it can be a healthy alternative to sugar. You have been told by so many people to use honey for weight lose. This is what which we all know about honey water. But I am going to tell you those benefits of drinking honey water in the morning, which you don’t know. Read also Egg: The Best Weight Loss Food.

It has been suggested by so many experts that as you get up early in the morning, take worm water and mix 1 tsp of honey into it. Drink it empty stomach to get the maximum benefits from it. Read also 5 Homemade Honey Face Masks for Wrinkles and Aging.

Promotes Digestive health

Honey has enzymes which work as a catalyst in the digestion process. So if you have problems like gas, blotting and upset stomach then drinking one glass honey water can be a perfect solution. Drinking honey water stimulates sensory nerves in the stomach hence it is an all time famous remedy for ulcer and constipation. Honey is an anti bacterial substance hence it fights bacteria in the stomach. Finally we can say drinking honey water can be a perfect solution for all digestive problems.

Make your immune system stronger


Drinking honey water daily makes your immune system stronger by increasing the production of antibodies inside your body. I mean to say that now you are less likely to fell ill. As honey has anti inflammatory properties so you can use it topically also. It heals wounds faster. It is very beneficial for your dental health too. Read also Ginger Tea Benefits: Why Should You Drink It Daily?

Flush toxins out of your body

It is a natural drink which detoxifies your body.  It flushes toxins out of your body without any side effect. When you add lemon with honey water it means you are adding citric acid to this drink and now it becomes a powerful detoxifier drink for yourself.

Gives you clear skin

clear skin

If you want a smooth, soft, supple and glowing skin naturally then stick to the habit of drinking honey water daily. It clears your skin from deep inside and also an effective solution for acne. Honey water keeps you hydrated all the day and your skin will not run dry for water. I suggest you that you don’t only drink honey water daily but apply honey on your face also. Read also Beauty Tips for Glowing Face at Home.

Regulate blood pressure

As we all know that honey is an antioxidant substance hence it is a natural remedy for high blood pressure. It has been proved in so many scientific studies, done on humans and rats that daily consumption of honey keeps BP under control.

Home remedy for sore throat

If you have a problem of sore throat just drinks honey water. It is all time famous remedy for throat infection. You can add lemon also in it for extra boost of Vitamin C.

Keeps your heart healthy

It is a rich source of powerful anti oxidants which are very essential for your heart health. Honey lowers bad cholesterol which is an enemy of your heart. It increases good cholesterol too. So we can say drinking honey water in the morning regulates your cholesterol level, this way it keeps your heart healthy.

Now we know that honey is very beneficial for our health. But if you want to reap the benefits of honey, you need original one. So try some trusted brand only. For maximum benefits It is to be consumed in moderation. I suggest that you use honey as an alternative to sugar then it will be very beneficial for your entire health.

Test to check the purity of honey

Take one glass of normal water now pour 1 T spoon of honey into it. If it dissolves in the water then your honey is adulterated. If it is settled at bottom of glass as a lump then it is pure.

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