Jaggery Benefits Keeps You Healthy and Fit

Jaggery Benefits: Keeps You Healthy and Fit

If you are fond of eating sweets after a meal, then there is nothing better than jaggery. Because jaggery contains 59.7 per cent Sucrose, 21.8 % Glucose, 26 % mineral liquid and 8.86 % water content. Jaggery also contains elements like Calcium, Phosphorus and Iron in good quantity. According to Ayurveda Samhita, jaggery is known for numerous health benefits. It enhances the digestion process, increases the haemoglobin in the blood and also develops the appetite. Consuming jaggery in winters can help you stay healthy. So just read this post till the end to know all the jaggery benefits of health and beauty.

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Health Benefits Of Jaggery

1. Relieves From Cold And Cough very effective jaggery benefits

Eating jaggery in winter season keeps the body warm and healthy and gently safeguard the body from cold and cough. It soothes the throat infection and gives relief to the throat and neck from the severe effect of cold. It also provides natural protection from other diseases related to the respiratory system. Jaggery has also proved to be very beneficial for asthma patients. Regular use of it reduces the effect of asthma. Consuming jaggery mixed with mustard oil gives relief from breathing problems.

2. Reduces Bone And Joint Pain

If you are suffering from knees or other joints pain, then you should start consuming jaggery. Jaggery is rich in Calcium and Phosphorus which helps in reducing the intensity of pain in body joints and also makes bones and muscles strong by providing a sufficient amount of Calcium and Phosphorus. You can consume jaggery in different ways. It is also beneficial for the patient of Arthritis and Gout.

3. Improves The Digestion

In today’s modern era, machines have made their way into most of the places and this is the reason why they work of the people has reduced very much due to which people spend most of their time sitting in their offices. In such a situation, acidity and indigestion have become a common problem. So, if you consume jaggery every day, then you can be able to reduce your acidity and make the digestive system strong. Jaggery also helps the digestive tract to exclude out the toxic substances from the body and improves overall health.

4. Promotes Body Weight

Jaggery is a rich source of sugar like Sucrose and Glucose which provides high calories to the body. So if you eat jaggery on a regular basis then it will increase your weight. Jaggery contains a high amount of Potassium which keeps the metabolism process active.

5. Jaggery Is Good For Healthy Heart

Having a good heart is very important for good health. The weakness of heart increases the risk of many diseases such as heart attack or heart failure. Eating jaggery properly opens up the blood veins of the body. So, that when the heart pumps the blood then blood flows smoothly in the veins thus, minimizing the pressure on the heart. And when the heart works properly and remains healthy then the whole of the body stays healthy. People who have low blood pressure or hypotension can balance their blood pressure by regularly consuming jaggery due to the presence of Potassium in it.

6. Jaggery Is Beneficial For Lungs

There are many types of lung diseases related to colds, phlegm and many more. If you have any such complication and the effect of these infections is not decreasing even if you are on regular medication, then start eating jaggery. Many researchers believe that jaggery helps in curing many types of lung infections and diseases.

7. Provides Natural Strength And Energy

Jaggery contains a good amount of Carbohydrates which provides sudden energy to the body and always gives you mind throbbing. Jaggery is enriched with the goodness of Sucrose and Glucose which is also one of the major sources of energy giving food.

8. Jaggery Prevents Anaemia

Jaggery can effectively reduce anaemia as it is rich in Iron which helps in the formation of new blood cells. It is an excellent remedy for those who are anaemic. People who do not consume iron-rich food get this disorder. The amount of Iron is sufficient in jaggery, due to which it provides the maximum amount of Iron to the body thus, helps you to fight from the situation of Anaemia. It also contains a good amount of Iron Folates along with Iron, which helps the body to make the maximum number of RBCs. Therefore, jaggery should be taken by the patients suffering from anaemia.

9. Keeps Urinary System Healthy

Jaggery also relieves from the urinary disorder. People who complain of a burning sensation or feel pain while urinating, they can easily overcome the problems related to the urinary tract by eating jaggery. If you are struggling from urinary tract issues then start consuming hot milk mixed with jaggery.

10. Best Care For Healthy Skin

Jaggery is an excellent remedy for skin.  It helps to make your skin healthy and attractive. Jaggery helps to remove harmful toxins from the blood. Due to which your skin starts glowing and there is no problem of acne too. Consuming jaggery provides essential Vitamins and Minerals for the skin. Frequency of growth of pimples can be reduced by eating jaggery. It can also minimize the intensity of dark spots or black spots also. For beautiful and glowing skin, eat jaggery on a regular basis.

11. Reduce The Menstrual Problem

Consuming jaggery is very beneficial for women or girls who experience pain during menstrual cycles because jaggery can gently reduce digestion problems. So eat jaggery during periods to get relief from menstrual disorders. This will ease you from the intense pain of the reproductive tract which occurs due to menses.

12. Detoxifies The Liver

Jaggery also helps in removing the toxins from the liver. So if you want to detoxify your liver and body, then include a piece of jaggery after every meal.

13. Gently Cleans The Blood

Jaggery is believed to be the most beneficial for cleaning the blood. It cleans the blood by discarding out the harmful toxins from the blood. If you use jaggery every day in your food, it will keep you healthy. For this, mix a little amount of jaggery and turmeric powder in one spoon of butter and consume it 3-4 times a day. This method will flush out the toxins present in your body and make it toxin-free.

14. Effective On Facial Wrinkles                            

As age increases wrinkles begin to appear on the face. Jaggery contains anti-oxidant properties which help in fighting from free radicals. Besides eating jaggery you can also use it for making a face pack. For making a face pack take 2 teaspoons of jaggery powder, 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix all these ingredients and apply it on your face and neck. Leave it for about half an hour. Now rinse it with warm water. This pack is rich with minerals and other nutrients thus, enrich your skin with all the essential elements.

15. Makes Hair Beautiful

Jaggery makes hair thick and beautiful. Jaggery is rich with the goodness of Iron and other important elements. Use a pack of Multani mitti, curd and jaggery. Apply this pack one hour before washing your hair. Then rinse your hair with lukewarm water. This pack will make the hair thick as well as soft and shiny. Using this pack twice a week will also intensify the natural black colour of hair and maintains the hair colour for many years.

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