how to reduce back fat

Lose Back Fat: Best Diet and Workout Tips

Your back has a huge impact on your overall physical appearance. A slim back always gives you an attractive and smart look. It’s a fact that tar getting only back fat is not an easy task. But with an accurate diet plan and some of the tar getting workouts you can get some amazing results. Here are some diet and workout tips to lose back fat. Read also Best Ways to Lose Thigh Fat at Home: Get Slimmer Toned Thighs

Important Dieting Tips to Lose Back Fat

As we know that calorie deficit is the only key to lose fat from your body. When you try to reduce back fat you need to have an accurate diet plan as the fat stored around your back is very stubborn. So Get here the answer to the question of “How To remove back Fat”? Also, Know 7 Days Diet Plan to Lose Weight Faster

  • Don’t take liquid calories like sodas, juices and tea or coffee with sugar
  • Avoid refined carbs like white bread, white rice.
  • Avoid junk foods, fried foods, and ice creams
  • Drinks water always
  • Add a salad to every of your diet
  • Try to take protein in every meal
  • Walk After dinner for 45 minutes.

Targeted workout ideas to reduce back fat

Before you do any type of workout, make sure you do a proper warm-up like running, rope skipping, or stair climbing for at least 15 minutes. Then start a workout targetting your back. These workouts can be done at home and very helpful in reducing fat from your back.

1. Squats

This is the best cardio workout that helps you in burning calories fast. Along with thighs it also targets the lower back hence it very helpful in reducing lower back fat.

2. Pull-Ups

It is the best workout to develop and strengthens back muscles. It also helps in posture improvements. When done along with some cardio workout. it can prove very effective for your back and shoulder.

3. Planks

This is an effective workout not only for your core but also for your back too. But Make sure you need to keep your body straight and hold the pose as long as you can for at least 5 times.

4. Bridge Pose

This is also a very effective and resulted oriented workout for your back. Make sure you raise your hips with full extension and try to squeeze glutes muscles too. Now you need to lower your hips and again lift your body. Do this workout at least 12 counts 3 Reps.

5. Superman Pose

Add this too in your workout routine but make sure your body is warm properly when you start this workout. Now lie flat on the ground with your stomach. Raise your hands while facing the ground and try to lift hand and legs from the ground. Repete it 5 – 6 times while holding the pose for at least 10 sec.

6. Quadruped Limb Raises

This is an effective body-weight workout that works not only on your back but also helps you in getting a flatter stomach. Now Get on all your four limbs, While placing hands at shoulder width. Now hold the pose and make sure your body is parallel to the grounds. Now extend your hand and legs to gather. Dot it 10 times 4 – 5 reps.

7. Rope skipping

Now, this is the last workout, being a cardio calorie-burning workout you must end your workout routine with this rope skipping. It is the best workout for your overall body fat. Hence work on your back fat too.

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