Best Ways to Lose Thigh Fat at Home

Best Ways to Lose Thigh Fat at Home: Get Slimmer Toned Thighs

Accumulation of fat around your thighs is very harmful to your overall health. Slim, toned thighs give you confidence with a balanced fit body. It improves your overall look and shape. To lose thigh fat a blend of diet and exercise can be done. When we discuss thigh fat, we can say that there is no other fat stiffer than this. Losing thigh fat can be a challenging and to make this challenge possible, here in this article we are providing you with Best Ways to Lose Thigh Fat at Home.

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Why you need to lose thigh fat

  • It makes your heart healthy
  • You get more muscles mass in your body, hence improves your body metabolic rate. So you can lose weight by burning more calories.
  • Gives you a shaped and balanced upper body
  • You Get nice rounded hips
  • Increase your core strength

1. Run, run and run

Running is the best exercise to lose thigh fat. Running tones the leg and thigh muscles, which gives the thighs and buttocks a more defined shape. It also improves heart and lung function, and it strengthens the lower body.

Also, aside from supportive shoes, it requires no special equipment. Running is superior to walking for obese thighs, as it burns calories faster. Running quickly reduces fat.

2. Perform aerobics every day

Aerobic exercise consists of working at a steady pace, which involves alternating between high and lower intensity. Aerobic exercise burns calories, which may promote the loss of thigh fat. Regular aerobic exercise can also make your heart and lungs stronger.

Some of the best aerobics exercises to lose thigh fat

  • Skipping
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Stair Training
  • Butt Kicks
  • Mountain Climber
  • Bear Crawls
  • Burpees

3. Chair Pose Yoga

As we know that yoga is very beneficial in overall weight loss. But when we focus on thigh fat we need a specific yoga asana. Chair pose, it is a very effective yoga asana that can give you slim, toned thighs. It targets thigh and hips muscles perfectly. It also strengthens ankles and glutes muscles.

  • Do some warm-up exercise
  • Now be in the chair pose 20 sec
  • Do three sets of this exercise daily

4. Camel Yoga pose

This is also a great yoga asana to lose thigh fat at home. Along with toning thigh muscles, It stretches all your thighs perfectly. It tones and massages your thighs, stomach and limbs. Before doing this yoga first do body warm-up like jogging or walking for 10 min. Now hold the pose as long as you can. Do at least three sets of this yoga asana to see results fast.

5. Squats to lose thigh fat

It is one of the most essential exercise to do when we try to get slimmer toned thighs. It strengthens your legs and stomach. So just do 3 sets 20 squats daily to get a well-toned, slim thigh. It also helps you to reduce belly or overall body fat.

6. Decrease calorie intake

A calorie deficit is required for weight loss especially to lose thigh fat. This means you need to decrease your calorie consumption. You need to keep a regular check on your everyday diet. The fat that accumulates on the thighs is cellulite, which comes from trans fat. Therefore, you should eat a diet without trans fat.

Trans fats Examples

  • All types of fast food
  • Cookies, cakes, frozen pies
  • Coffee with cream
  • Pizzas

7. Cut sugar from diet

Junk food, sugary foods, colas, sodas and even fruits are full of sugar. Minimizing the intake of sugar-loaded food from your diet helps you decreasing the calories and thus, helps you lose thigh fat. Doing this for few weeks beside with regular physical activity will easily make you lose many kilos.

8. Minimize carbohydrate-rich food

Those people who follow a low carbohydrate diet can observe a more significant decline in their overall weight and thigh fat than those on a low-fat diet. When you think of losing weight, reduce your carbohydrate intake. Eat fibre-rich carb-like cereal and brown rice.

9. Play your favourite sport

Playing any sports of your choice can help you in many ways. Rather making you social it also helps you overcome stress and anxiety. Besides this, sports can help you lose weight especially thigh fat because while sporting you indulges in a lot of physical exercises and it can burn many calories in a short time. Playing sports can effectively help you lose thigh fat.

10. Keep yourself hydrated

Water can be really helpful for weight loss. Water does not contain any type of calorie. Drinking more water will help you in the metabolism of stored fat and carbohydrate to complete the requirement of the body.

It even suppresses your craving if consumed before meals. Drinking water fills the stomach. By this, you consume less food and it also removes the toxic elements from the body.

Question related to thigh fats

1. Do I gain thigh fat when I eat and sit on the couch for almost a whole day?

Yes, moving causes your muscles to release lipoprotein lipase molecules which helps process the fats and sugars you’ve consumed while sitting around all day and eating will make you gain weight.

2. Is there any way to lose thigh fat other than going to the gym?

Yes. You can do squats, lunges etc. in your lounge, bedroom or yard. It’s sometimes better to go to the gym, but if you aren’t comfortable working out in the gym, try it at home.

3. Do I have to do exercises when I want slimmer thighs or will it make them look bigger and muscular?

For women, exercising is a good thing to do when you wish to lose fat. Women don’t become muscular from exercising the way men do, so it makes your thighs slimmer.

4. How can I lose thigh fat without gaining muscle?

Aerobic exercise burns fat faster and has less effect on muscle growth than strength or resistance training. If your heart rate is up and your thigh muscles aren’t aching (much), you’re on the right track.

5. How long will it take to lose thigh fat?

You can often lose weight faster in the first few weeks after changing your diet and exercise.

6. How long will it take to lose thigh fat?

The larger the calorie deficit, the faster will be the fat melting process. You need to set your goals. You will be able to see a visible change in four to five weeks in your overall appearance.

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