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Rebel Wilson’s Weight-Loss: The Mayr Method

Rebel Wilson is one among the inspirational star who’s marked her weight loss journey with positivity  motivation and with a mind set that left no stone unturned. Rebel Wilson has reportedly lost 18 to 20 kgs or 40 to 44 pounds. Earlier she used to consume 3000 k. Calories and most of the calories used to be from carbohydrates but when she started the weight loss journey she switched to a high protein diet although she was not a fan of protein foods. Now let us know about the unique diet which she followed for weight loss. The diet which rebel followed is “MAYR DIET”. Now let’s dive deep into the pros and cons of MAYR DIET & Rebel Wilson’s Weight-Loss Journey.


MAYR Method is the trending weight loss method used by “Fat Amy Star Rebel Wilson” to shed extra weight. The MAYR method for weight loss is such a diet plan that focuses on gut health nutritious food and mindful eating. MAYR diet is the long term solution for weight loss. It is a sustainable approach for weight loss. It is UNIQUE in a good way that it has a strong emphasis on BEHAVIORAL MODIFICATIONS, positive behavior changes that help us to improve not only our eating habits but also our relationship with food. MAYR Diet puts a major emphasis on alkaline foods. The reason behind is to improve the alkaline or acidic balance in gut and digestive system to promote the growth of good bacteria and to remove the nasty, unhealthy bacteria that may have developed due to unhealthy living. Lets us have a look at the guidelines that MAYR DIET Emphasis on:

  • Eat breakfast healthy protein rich breakfast
  • 3 major meals and “NO SNACKING “
  • No caffeine intake and dairy products
  • No distractions while having food
  • Chew at least (40-60 times)

MAYR Method Guidline

  • MAYR Diet recommends to have breakfast regularly as breakfast is considered as most important meal of the day. It is the time when body is in much need of energy and requires nutrient dense foods. The Myre method also recommended to eat cooked foods only after 3P.M. We should have a firm stopping point at 7P.M that means we should no longer eat past 7 PM.
  • It also states to have 3 major meals a day and “NO SNACKING “ in between meals this is basically used as a way to just prevent insulin spikes through out the day.
  • It also suggests to stop the intake of “CAFFEINE “ ,dairy products and other processed foods.
  • An additional guideline of this diet is to eat the food free from any kind of “DISTRACTIONS”. It has to be just you and your food. NO use of “SOCIAL MEDIA” and “NO WATER” as well.
  • Another UNIQUE aspect of this diet is to chew the food 40-60 times ,yes you read it right the food has to be chewed 40-60 times . When we normally chew the food we chew for about 15 to 20 times but when we follow MAYRS diet we need to chew it 40 – 60 times. Now let us see the reason behind chewing the food so it times. So the main PHENOMENON is active chewing helps in two ways.:
    • It literally sends signals to our brain and due to the lack of distractions. We actually know what we are eating and how much we are eating. In this way it helps to control appetite and we feel no longer hungry so that indicates we should “STOP” eating when we feel that we are slightly full.
    • It also helps in making food so tasty, improves digestion and absorption.


This program is attempting to accomplish “MINDFUL EATING “ which offers platter of benefits. The good thing about this program is BEHAVIORAL CHANGES that they are recommending is quite impactful . First and foremost they place a strong emphasis on our awareness related to when we are eating, How we are eating and what food choices we are actually putting in our body. The food list and food groups MAYR diet recommends is quite condensed and all the nutrient dense foods which are very healthy are included in the diet.


Chickpeas, Apricots, Bananas, Avocados, Organic eggs, chicken Lamb, Salmon, Beef, Tofu, Celery, Almonds etc.


Excess cows milk dairy ,gluten, heavily processed foods ,low fat ,sugar, coffee , alcohol etc.

EXERCISE SCHEDULE while following myre diet :

It used to be 6 days in a week and one day of rest. Exercise was a combination of HIIT, Power, Mobility and Resistance. Also focused on head workouts with power training tools like battle ropes mobility and resistance training. Most of exercise focuses to build strength, balance coordination , Core flexibility and joint stability .

Rebel Wilson’s Weight-Loss MINDSET AND MOTIVATION:

Let us talk about the fuel behind long lasting changes . Rebel Wilson stayed motivated and had a positive mind-set because of sheer willpower. She focus on small lifestyle changes rather than the long term changes  . A transformation is never ending, the journey always continues so we should never give up on ourselves and we should not stop until physical activity becomes our goal in life. There’s great saying which says “NO PAIN NO GAIN” if we put our body in so much pain we can break it to a point where its nearly impossible to squeeze any more gains out of it.

Rebel Wilson’s Weight-Loss, journey really left a lot for all the people who are overweight or trying to lose weight. It really makes sense and also motivates. So just Start Your journey for weight loss.

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