Suit Sleeves design Latest and Trending

Suit Sleeves design: Latest and Trending

Clothes define our personality and make us look attractive. People wear different variety of clothes for different occasions and reasons. Everyone has their own wearing style. They are stitched in different ways according to the trend. India woman used to wear different clothes like Sari, Ghaghra choli, Suit salwar e.t.c. Even suit itself has different variety like Punjabi suit, Patiyala suit, Plazo suits e.t.c. Designs of suits also depend on the design of sleeves. Attractive suit designs can make a dress or suit more beautiful. So here are different types of suit sleeves design for a different and attractive look.




Role of Sleeves in our Clothes

Sleeves play a major role in our outfits. Designs of sleeves are in varied forms in different eras. Sleeves are such an important part of our clothes as it is one of the first things which catch our sight while buying any new outfit. Not only this, we get the sleeves done in our outfit according to the occasion. Sleeves could be stitched such a way that it should be comfortable and fits properly. We should choose the design of sleeves according to our weight, height, size etc. It affects our overall personality adding any positive or negative effect. Like the style of our outfit’s sleeves design also vary in different times.

Latest Suit Sleeves design To Make Dresses More Beautiful

1. Bell Sleeves Design

Bell Sleeves Design
  • Bell sleeves are tightly fitted on the shoulder and gradually become wider towards the wrist.
  • These are sleeves totally represent its name “bell”.
  • The bell sleeves are identical to the older versions with a little twist in it.
  • Latest and new bell suit sleeves design are absolutely stylish.
  • Bell sleeves add a distinctive and unique feature even to the plain outfits.

2. Bishop Suit Sleeves Design

Bishop Sleeves
  • Bishop sleeves are long and full at the bottom in comparison to the top.
  • All the fabric collected in the form of cuff at the bottom.
  • Bishop sleeves possess a very soft delicate and feminine look.
  • In bishop sleeves, the balloons bulge out toward the lower arm before gathering into a cuff at the wrist area.
  • This pattern of sleeves looks good in pure and expensive fabrics such as chiffon and lace work fabric.
  • A bishop sleeve is a long sleeve that is gathered at the bottom with a buttoned cuff, slit and facing over it.

3. Flounce Sleeves Design

Flounce Sleeves
  • Flounce sleeves are slightly more subtle and feminine then the bell and bishop sleeves.
  • These sleeves are usually fitted from the upper arm area to the elbow.
  • After the elbow separate piece of fabric has been attached to give it a bell shape.
  • Flounce sleeves are created by attaching one or more different piece of circular shape to the sleeve.
  • By doing this it creates a ruffle kind of effect that gives flounce sleeves their widened look.
  • These are the small and simple designs that are lightly flared out toward the wrist.

4. Ruffle Sleeves Design

Ruffle Sleeves
  • Ruffle sleeves are booming and attention seekers.
  • These sleeves are the style statement.
  • Ruffle sleeves also called frilled sleeves.
  •  Ruffle sleeves are made by putting a fabric in a gathered manner or pleated on one edge and attached to the garment from the other end.
  • The best fabric for ruffled sleeves is thin and light weight fabrics which is having a good drape. 

5. Extra Long Sleeves Design

Extra Long Sleeves
  • Extra long sleeves are usually tightly fitted.
  • Due to their length it creates frills at the wrist area.
  • They may not seem practical, but extra long sleeves are in fashion these days.
  • As its name speaks, they are oversized and stretched out.
  • These extra-long sleeves look hot when it makes irregular pattern around the edges.
  • These sleeves show a great style on button-up shirts, delicate tops, casual knitwear et.

6. Off Shoulder Sleeves Design

Off Shoulder Sleeves Design
  • Off shoulder sleeves have been in trend and fashion in recent days.
  • These sleeves don’t possess any shoulder and neck area of the outfit.
  • It covers the hand area and chest portion.
  • They reflect a sexy and daring image of the person.
  • Off shoulder sleeves are mostly seen in tops, blouses and knit wears.  

7. Cold Shoulder Sleeves Design

Cold Shoulder Sleeves
  • Cold shoulder sleeves usually consist of a circular cut in the arm or shoulder area.
  • The size of the cut may vary in size and shape.
  • Beside Off shoulder sleeves, cold shoulder sleeve has also achieved the same importance.
  • It is a desirable option for those women who like to bare a little less skin.
  •  Cold shoulder designs characterized with a little dash of skin just on the tops of arms.
  • Although these sleeves have less impact than the off shoulder designs then even cold shoulder sleeves are more popular.

8. Layered Sleeves Design

Layered Sleeves Design
  • Layered sleeves are actually a combine version of bell sleeves and ruffle sleeves.
  • One or more than one large bell sleeve and ruffles gathered together to give a look of layered sleeves.
  • Layered sleeve comes in different sizes.
  • Numbers of bells differ starting from the top of the arm till the wrist.
  • These bells are connected to each other by using thin and thick ruffles.
  • The next bell always lies below the former one.

9. Fur Sleeves Design

Fur Sleeves Design
  • Fur sleeves are ideal to carry during the chilling cold weather.
  • Fur sleeves have a bold look hence it looks quite unique and different.
  • Fur sleeves always catch the attention of the seeker.
  • It has a fur around the edges or sometime at different areas of the outfit.
  • The fur provides the fluffy texture which gives a feel of coziness.

10. Balloon Sleeves Design

Balloon Sleeves Design
  • Balloon sleeves are stitched in different sizes.
  • They may be small or extra long in size which is stretched out.
  • These sleeves start from the shoulder with a small diameter which increases with its length.
  • Balloon sleeves are puffed up by using elastic to make it short and wide.
  • The pleats then gathered at the end, so the overall shape resembles a semi deflated balloon.

Hope you like this amazing article on latest and trending suit sleeves design. If you know more sleeves design, pleases share them with me. Check my you-tube Beautiful You channel also for more beauty and dress ideas.