Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs Tutorial for Beginners

Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs Tutorial for Beginners

We all women love to apply mehndi on their hands. Mehndi /henna is such an art which makes you more beautiful and attractive. Women from India, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have intense attraction and attachment towards mehndi. Nowadays Arabic mehndi designs are the centre of attraction for all mehndi lovers. These Arabic mehndi  /henna designs are eye-catching and very popular on the internet. Now I am going to share with you latest, stylish and different Arabic mehndi designs.

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1. Two flowers backhand Arabic mehndi design

It is an eye-catching back hand Arabic mehndi design. I have used two flowers in this mehndi design, one on the wrist and one on the back of the palm. Then I decorated these 2 flowers with branches like shape. These flowers give this mehndi design an awesome look. All women and girls can apply this dazzling mehndi design but it is more suitable for girls. Because it is not a dense mehndi design and it doesn’t cover your all hands. You can easily apply this elegant mehndi design on their hands without anyone else’s help.

Video tutorial for this amazing Arabic mehndi  designs

I have attached a video tutorial for this mehndi design so that all can apply this design easily. Don’t forget these 2 flowers which I draw in this mehndi design. You need to draw these 2 big flowers as perfectly as you can. Decoration of your index finger is also important, so do it carefully. For more latest mehndi design video please visit my YouTube channel here “Beautiful You“.

Tips to apply flower Arabic mehndi designs

Before applying you must clean your hands properly. Take a fine and smooth mehndi cone. Relax then apply because with shaking hands you can not apply a beautiful mehndi. After mehndi leave it for at least 2 hrs. To get a dark colour mehndi fast, apply eucalyptus oil on your hands.

2. Latest shade Arabic style mehndi design

This is an elegant and attractive Arabic shade mehndi design. You have seen so many shading Arabic mehndi design but it is the most outstanding design. It is a backhand stylish mehndi design. I called it shade mehndi as use shading in this mehndi design. It doesn’t cover your full hand so it can be used casually.  This is a beautiful combination of patterns and shapes. Shading has been done in such so that your hands will be more elaborate and ornamental.

Video tutorial for shaded Arabic style mehndi design

I made a video for this shaded mehndi design so that all mehndi lovers can apply this outstanding mehndi on their hands easily. You don’t need much effort to apply this beautiful mehndi design. Just check out this Video tutorial here and apply it on your hands.

Hope you like this awesome Arabic mehndi design. If you know more mehndi designs please share them with me. I would like to add your design with my post.