9 Ways to Lose Weight Without any Exercise and Dieting

9 Ways to Lose Weight Without any Exercise and Dieting

It’s a fact that we all have a very busy schedule to live with. Due to a very busy life, we face deteriorating health conditions. One of the most horrible health-related issues is weight gain. We have unwanted eating habits, unhealthy lifestyle and pressurized working conditions. These all are very harmful to us. But it is also a fact that people are dieting and doing hard exercises to lose weight but they don’t get desired results. It has been a serious issue and people are suffering from this. Do you know that you can lose weight even without exercise and dieting? Yes, it is true. We have habits which are very dangerous for our health and also making us fat. So here are the 9 simple tips Lose Weight Without any Exercise and Dieting permanently. Read also How to Look Beautiful and Attractive Everyday.

1. Eat your food slowly and chew more

This is one of the easiest steps which you can do to lose weight fast. It has been proved in so many scientific studies people who don’t chew their food enough and eat fast faces problems like poor digestion, increased weight gain and poor satisfaction. Due to poor digestion calories turns into fats and you become fatter. Its fact when you eat slowly you eat less. Slow eating lets you burn more calories so it helps you to Lose Weight Without any Exercise and Dieting. Also, read how to LOSE BELLY FAT FAST.

2. Reduce the sizes of your dishes to Lose Weight Without any Exercise and Dieting

It is surprising, your calories intake depend on your dishware size. The more dishware size is the more you eat. It has been observed that dishware size has been increased for decades. This further resulted in more calorie intake hence making you fatter. So just check out your dishware size and try to use the small size of dish wares. It will surely help you to eat less. This is an easy and simple step to Lose Weight Without any Exercise and Dieting. Also, read 7 tips to make your nail healthy and strong.

3. Eat more protein to lose weight fast

More protein intake reduces your hunger. It makes you feel full always and increases your body metabolism. Increased metabolism rate is good for your entire health and you don’t gain weight. Higher protein intake reduces the hunger hormone and increases satiety hormones. This way you can say when you take more protein you have reduced hunger. Finally, you reduce weight. So you must involve foods to your diet which has higher protein content like seafood, milk cheese, yoghurt, eggs, beans etc. Also read Why Keeping Drinking Water in Plastic Bottles is harmful.

4. Don’t keep unhealthy food at handy places

You get hungry when you see food. If you keep food which is visible to you always it rises your hunger hormones and you start eating. This type of unnecessary eating leads to weight gain. So always keep food or unhealthy food like snacks away from your eyes. It will stop unnecessary eating.

5. Check when you drink water

You must drink lots of water to reduce weight. It has been proved in so many studies when you drink water 30 min before your meal, it makes you eat less and reduces calorie intake. But you should also not drink water just after a meal as it is very harmful for digestion. When you drink water just after meal it dilutes digestive juices (forms in your body when you take meal). And due to improper digestion calorie turns into fat. It is also a reason for weight gain and obesity. So just check when you drink water.

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6. Just check when you eat

Weight gain not only depends on what you eat it also depends on when you eat. Your timing of taking of food reveals a lot whether you will gain weight or not. It has been well said “Eat Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, and Dinner Like a Pauper”. It is just perfect and we need to follow this proverb to lose weight fast without exercise and dieting. This way you consume more calories during day time. In the night you eat less which is better to lose weight as in night our metabolism rate is also slow.

7. Sleep enough to lose weight fast

When we think to lose weight we talk about dieting and exercise. But we forget one important thing that is sleep. Lack of sleep can make you fat and obese. Yes, it is true. Proper sleep increases your metabolism rate i.e. you burn calories even when you are sleeping. So you must take proper sleep between 7 to 9 hrs. Lack of sleep may lead to stress and cortisol hormone gets elevated. This all process disturbs hunger regulating hormones and you have higher hunger rate resulted in weight gain. So sleep enough in order to lose weight. Also, read 2 Homemade Fruit Massage Cream For a Naturally Glowing Skin.

8. Avoid cold drinks to Lose Weight Without any Exercise and Dieting

Cold drinks have simple sugar which gives you instant energy when consumed. If you don’t utilize this energy it will convert into fats. Having more cold drink not only makes you obese but it also leads to many other problems like diabetes, heart disease and gout. So avoid sugary drinks to lose weight.

9. Don’t eat while watching TV or playing game

Eating while watching TV or playing game leave you to eat more. While eating you must concentrate only on your food. It makes you eat less and you become full soon. Read also 7 Killer Tips To Get a Perfect Selfie.

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