Tips to Transfer Your Self From Fat to Fit

Tips to Transfer Your Self From Fat to Fit

To conserve a healthy lifestyle, you are supposed to consume a healthy diet with lots of fruits and extra vegetables beside this minimize the intake of carbohydrates, sodium and saturated fat. Here are some of the simple tips to transfer yourself from fat to fit.

1. Decrease the intake of unhealthy fat

Unhealthy fats include both trans and saturated fats. These fats increase LDL or cholesterol level in the blood, which will prone to heart disease. Baked foods, fried foods, frozen pizzas, and other processed foods all have a high amount of trans fat.

2. Eat healthy fat

Polyunsaturated, monounsaturated and omega-3 fats are the perfect options for a healthy lifestyle. These fats increase HDL cholesterol by lowering LDL cholesterol, which in fact reduces the chance of heart disease. Choose Olive, Canola, Soy, Peanut, and Corn Oil and fish.

3. Choose low sugar food

If you want to transfer yourself from fat to fit then you need to cut your sugar intake. It is very harmful and biggest obstruction in a healthy lifestyle. These sweeteners has high calories which might be a sole reason for weight gain. Reduce your intake of sweets, soft drinks, excess sweet fruit juice and white bread. Instead, choose fruits, freshly made juices and whole grain bread.

4. Start depending on wholemeal

Whole meal has the perfect combination of Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats and other substances. Eat fruits and vegetables for gaining high Vitamin and Mineral content. Instead of cand vegetables and fruits that have a lot of sugar and salt, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat lean meats, beans and tofu for protein. This is the best which you can do from fat to fit. Read also: 15 Foods to Lose Weight Fast Naturally

5. Update your dairy products

Eat low-fat dairy products. Drink skimmed milk and low-fat cheese or tofu which will reduce your fat intake and will also ensure that you get plenty of calcium and protein. Tofu or toned milk is a rich source of minerals but they are less in calories. Hence it can be proved very effective in making you healthy or fat to fit.

6. Be active to transfer your self from fat to fit

We all like to be healthy and fit. It also true we try gym, diting and other fitness tips. But have we ever observe our daily routine? If your routine is such that you don’t need to move your hands and feet much, then your weight gain is almost certain. Especially those who stay at home or work by sitting on the chair throughout the day then, you should deliberately get involved in some physical activity in your daily life.

Such as you should use stairs instead of elevators, play any sport of your interest, like badminton, table tennis, etc. If you can do a treadmill or a gym cycle and use it regularly then it will be quite beneficial. Similarly, the cheapest and simplest solution is to get in the habit of walking for a while every day.

7. Use pedometer

This is a device that counts every step of yours. Put it in your belt bag or sling bag and try to walk 1000 steps extra on each day. Those who have more weight they can walk at least two to three thousand steps in a day. If you add 2000 more steps to your daily walking routine then, your current weight will start decreasing. You can also run instead of walking. Read also: Best Cardio Exercise to Lose Belly Fat at Home

8. Schedule gym 3 to 5 times a week

Work out for half an hour by mixing both cardio and strength training programs. Continue the workout at least for 150 minutes of moderate level aerobic activity every week. Make an intention to do strength training twice a week.

9. Avoid crash dietings

If you do crash dieting to reduce weight and think that you will reduce your weight by staying hungry, then your thinking is totally wrong. Rather, you are feasting on many diseases by doing so. Infact, instead of decreasing the weight, there may be problem of increasing the weight.

Not only this, if the food is not eaten, suddenly the weight decreases suddenly but it brings the long term effect to obese.

So, avoid skipping meals or eating less unless a doctor suggests you to stay on liquid diet, diet pills and other diet supplements. Dieting can weaken your immunity and strength by creating a lack of nutrients in your body.

10. Estimate your weight

Losing weight or being overweight is not a sign of a healthy body. Be aware of your BMR value. Know your correct weight according to your age and body type with the help of a doctor or any genuine weight chart.

BMR value always keeps you aware about your weight loss or weight gain and also helps you in regular management of weight.

11. Get proper sleep

Adequate amount of quality sleep is also an important factor that affects your health. Researches have shown that people who sleep less may gain more weight. Adults should take a sleep for at least 7-9 hours every night. Read also: Secrets of Mochi Weight Loss: Reviews, Complaints, and Coupons

Sleeping for short duration or poor quality sleep is responsible to increase the body weight hence,  makes you obese. It can disturb your appetite which leads to increase in the consumption of energy. It leads to the secretion of signal hormones called ghrelin, which increase appetite, and leptin, which indicates the satiated nature of body.

12. Believe in your efforts

It is more important than anything else that you are confident in the efforts you are making for weight loss. If you are going to a daily gym on one side and telling friends on the other side that there is no use of going to gym, then your subconscious mind will also accept the same thing, and really you will not get any results of your efforts. It is very important to talk positive to yourself. Tell yourself, “I am getting fit”, “I am getting results”, etc.

13. Visualize

Think of yourself the way you want to look. Know for sure that it will help you lose weight. If you want, you can put some similar photo on the wall of your room, or on the computer screen as you want. Seeing yourself like that every day will make that thing even more possible.

14. Every day walk for 45 minutes

Every day walking for 20 or 30 minutes will not let you loose your weight, but if you want to reduce your weight, then you should walk for at least 45 minutes daily. If you do this every day then you can lose 15Kg weight in a year without making any change in your diet. If possible then try to do walk in the morning time in fresh air, then it will be more beneficial.

15. Use blue colour

Blue colour reduces hunger. This is the reason that most of the restaurants use blue color less. So you can use blue plates while eating your food, you can wear blue clothes, and put on blue tablecloth on the table. On the contrary, avoid eating with red, yellow, and orange colors around you because they increase the appetite.

16. Donate your old clothes

Once you achieved the weight of your choice then as soon as possible donate your old clothes, which will be now loose on you. There will be two benefits of doing this. One, you will be happy to donate something and secondly there will be one thing in your mind that if you become fat again, you need to buy back so many clothes. This thing will encourage you to keep yourself in right shape.

17. Use small plates for eating

Studies have shown that no matter how hungry you are; If you have less food in front of you, you will eat less, and if more food is kept then you will eat more. So it would be better to have meal in a small plate with less food. Read also: 7 Days Diet Plan to Lose Weight Faster

Similarly, use small cups for tea and coffee too. Frequently consuming food will increases your calorie intake, so take the same amount of food at one time according to the amount of food you have to eat.

Hope you enjoy this article ” transfer yourself from fat to fit” All the ways mentioned in this article will help you in weight loss. If you know about any other way which can lead to weight loss then please share with me. Please write to me in the comment box. Check my youtube Channel Beautiful You for more beauty and health tips.