Drinking and keeping water in a plastic bottle is a common practice now a days. So many researches have been done on this, and it is found that keeping  or drinking water in a plastics bottle, might be one of the reason of dangerous diseases like diabetes and Cancer. Plastic bottle contains harmful chemical and Bactria. So this is very dangerous for your health keeping drinking water in plastic bottles.

Here are the some reasons why you should not drink water in plastic bottles.

Harmful chemicals released by plastic bottle

Drinking Water in Plastic Bottles is harmful

As we know that plastic itself is very harmful for our health . And when we keep water in a plastic bottle, it produces harmful chemicals like arsenic, aluminium, fluoride. These chemicals are consider poisons to human body, as suggested by some experts. So keeping water in a plastic bottle can spoil your health.

Dioxin production make drinking water in plastic bottles harmful

It is a fact, while driving in our cars we keep water in a plastic bottle. When you left your bottle inside your car, they are exposed to the hot environment inside the car. But do we know that plastic melt in a hot environment? Yes it gets melted. Due to this it releases a chemical named Dioxin. When consumed, Dioxin can increased the chances of Brest cancer in ladies.

BPA generation

Bpa stands for Biphonal A. This chemical is used in the manufacturing of plastic bottles. BPA  is very dangerous for our health. Due to this you might have problems like diabetes, obesity, behavioral problems and fertility problems. Keeping this in mind, you should avoid keeping and drinking water in a plastic bottle.

Bottled water make your Immune system weaker

Due to harmful chemical present in water, stored in a plastic bottle, Our immune system gets damaged. As we drink water we also ingest the harmful chemical. This attack our immune system and make immune system weaker.

Best alternative of plastic bottles “Copper bottles or containers”

benefits of storing water in copper vessels

Instead of plastic bottles you can use copper bottles or containers. Storing water in a copper vessels is not a new practice. This has been used by the people for centuries. Some of the benefits of keeping water in a copper vessels are as follows.

  • It helps maintain heart health
  • Lower the risk of cancer
  • Protect you fro infections
  • Regulate the working of thyroid
  • Boost skin health and melanin and beats anemia. For more info on skin care click hare.

So knowing all these facts we must avoid keeping and drinking water in plastic bottles. But you can use copper vessels.

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