Beautiful easy mehndi design for beginners

Beautiful easy mehndi design for beginners

Most girls and woman like mehndi, As mehndi makes you beautiful and attractive. This is a beautiful easy mehndi design for beginners. Simple mehndi design liked by the people who want to look special in a short while. Because they don’t have time to get mehndi applied by an expert. As it is a time-consuming task. You can apply this beautiful mehndi design on your front hand. And you don’t require expertise. Like this simple mehndi design, you can also learn to make of attractive square mehndi design  here.

This is the most simple design and this look elegant on your hands. It takes only 5 minutes to apply this beautiful mehndi design on your front hand.

How to apply this beautiful easy mehndi design

This mehndi design is for beginners who are learning to create designs. Now let’s start. Although this Mehndi design is very easy. But some steps in it have not been shared with you in the detail. Now I would like to tell you how to make this beautiful design step by step, So let’s start.

  • First of all, take a henna cone which is smooth to apply and conformable in hand
  • Wash your hand properly
  • Then make simple dots or circle from down to the upper side on the front of the hand
  • Now make flower around the dots or circle which you have already made
  • You can also make dots on fingertip. it looks more beautiful.
  • Let it dry, and wash mehndi next day

For more clarity in making this beautiful design, you can watch my YouTube video here.

You can use this mehndi design to look more beautiful daily. Specifically, the college going student can apply this mehndi design. Hope you have understood all the simple steps which I have shared with you. if you have enjoyed this design, then please like my video and go to my channel on YouTube and do not forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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