Best Stylish Neck Designs for Punjabi Suits

Best Stylish Neck Designs for Punjabi Suits

Traditional wear always gives a subtle and sober look. Neck Designs for Punjabi Suits play an important role to carry out the overall grace of dress. Necklines make the dress not only appealing but outline the fashion trend as well. With a well-designed outfit, one feels ready to go. Necklines should be carefully selected that can suit one’s style. Today you will get to know about different Stylish Neck Designs for Punjabi Suits that will embrace the overall pattern of the dress.

1. Broad Sweetheart Neck with Choker Tie

This satin cotton dress just looks stunning with its amazing neckline. The olive green color has a floral print on it and a broad sweetheart neck on it. In between the center of the neck, there is a neck pattern on it which is complimented with orange buttons and thin golden piping in the center. The neckline has fine embroidery work on it which has a diagonal cut at bottom of it. A choker tie holds the neckline which completely acts like a game changer to make it look even more stylish.

2. Peter pan Collar Neck with Embroidery

This khaki print cotton dress has beautiful embroidery on it which gives a simple party to-go look. This dress has a peter pan neck on it along with a flat collar which completely gives a different look to the dress. The dark blue and orange embroidery pattern of this peter pan neck collar compliments the dull look of the dress. A stylish neckline to try for.

3. Deep Pot Back Neck with Heavy Pom Pom Dori Neck

This neckline gives a true Punjabi feel as its deep and heavy in itself. The overall dress has heavy work and patches on it and the back neck has heavy embroidery lace on it. To make it even more stunning, it’s provided with a thin Dori along with heavy pom tassels of the same color. The deep wine dress along with this silver embroidery pattern neckline gives a ready-to-go party look.

4. Angrakha Gota Neckline with Short Round Neck

This Punjabi dress has a golden print on it that Gota has used to make it even more attractive. The angrakha pattern along with a diagonal cut at the center makes it look even more stylish in itself. A Button is provided at the center of the neckline so that it can hold the diagonal cut and round neck with it. This simple Stylish Neck Designs for Punjabi Suits is good to go for casual and formal looks as well.

5. V Placket Neckline with Chikankari Triangle Lace

This Punjabi dress has two different neck patterns which are clubbed into one. A Chikankari placket along with a square neck pattern of anchor thread gives a stylish look to carry on. This lawn dress has a beautiful white print on it due to which Chikankari lace is used. At the end of the square neck pattern, a thin white lace is provided which completes the anchor thread pattern. Good to go for a casual and formal look.

6. Gorgeous Party Wear Punjabi Dress with Round Collar and Thick Strips

This short Banarsi Punjabi dress has heavy lace on it and is paired with a simple Patiala shalwar with golden lace at the bottom. It has a deep broad neck pattern which is held with help of broad red stripes. A red collar is provided which has golden embroidery circles on it. The round collar has thick golden work strips attached to it which makes it look gorgeous in itself.

7. Olive Green Punjabi Dress with Deep Cut Work Neckline

The dress is simple and its neckline embraces the overall look of the dress. Having a simple and minimal design, this dress is paired with an orange dupatta which contrasts the olive green color very well. A deep V neckline is provided with a cutwork pattern on the neck and sleeves as well. This deep-cut work neckline has self anchor thread patch beneath it which makes it look even more subtle in itself.

8. Trendy Boat Neck with Criss Cross Neck pattern

Some simple fabrics do not need much designing as the fabric is good to go in itself. This lawn cotton Punjabi dress has a dull green shade along with some printed patches on it. To go along with a trendy boat neck been designed on it has Crisscross strips on it. being simple in itself, it carries the overall look of the dress. The Crisscross pattern is made with help of thick flat Doris in the same shade as the dress.

9. Stunning Round Collar Neck with Deep Thin Strips Pattern

Here is another casual design for a simple Punjabi look. The dull lavender color of this dress is paired with a simple neckline with a collar pattern. There is a wide variety of collars but simple ones are mostly preferred. The thick collar is designed with a thin strip pattern in a V shape which gives a stunning look to the dress.

10. Simple Punjabi Neckline with Broad V and Thin Dori

Some designs just speak for themselves. This brown and maroon Punjabi dress has a printed pattern along with some thin embroidery work on it. To embrace the overall look of the dress, a broad V-neck is provided which is held with a simple thin Dori at the center of the neck. Good to go for office wear look and casual way. Read also Trending Girlish Mehndi Design 2018

11. Decent U-neck with Potli Buttons Neckline

This Punjabi dress has golden print work on it and has a dull green shade to go along. This dress has a simple round neck yet a very easy neckline to design for. The round u-neck has a complete potli buttons pattern which just looks perfect to go with this golden printed dress. Simple three-fourth sleeves are provided with thin golden lines in a sequence of 4 in number. Read also Tips To Wear Red Lipstick Perfectly

12. Punjabi Pakistani Dress with Square pattern Neckline

This trendy neckline is a suitable match to go with the print of this Punjabi dress. A square neckline is provided at the center which is segregated with white thick strips at the center. The outline of the neckline is white and has printed small square strips on them. A short neck with this trendy neckline makes this dress good to go for casual and formal looks as well.

13. Stunning neckline with Heavy Neck embroidery

This stunning Stylish Neck Designs for Punjabi Suits gives a complete wedding vibe. This simple party-wear dress is good to go with this beautiful heavy neckline. The Olive green color has a heavy golden embroidery pattern on it with thin golden piping on it. This neckline pattern has sleeves attached to it. along with a short round neck on it. A semi-circle passage is provided at the center of the neckline which makes it look stunning.

14. Glamourous Deep Down Punjabi Neck with Off-white Tassels

This is a new trendy back-neck Punjabi suit design. This dress has heavy embroidery work on it in off-white and silver shades. To make the dress look quite interesting, a deep broad triangle is designed at the back which has an outline of heavy embroidery work. This glamorous neck design has a knot provided at the center which has ring circle tassels attached to it. Tassels are designed with the work that dresses have on them. Read also Simple Mehndi Design: 29 Easy Beautiful Mehndi Designs

15. Broad Criss Cross Neckline Punjabi Dress

This is another new style of neck pattern that has a horizontal Crisscross pattern on it. A small round is provided on top followed by a broad Criss cross pattern. Thick Doris of the same color has been used in order to make the dress complete in itself. This type of neck pattern can be easy to go for casual and formal wear.

16. Simple Punjabi neckline with Collar

Simple choices are mostly preferred by people. Of the simple pattern, this is one of the collar necklines. This deep navy blue color dress has patches of golden print on it which is completed with a full sleeve pattern on it. The center of the neck has a diagonal cut on it which makes it look quite simple yet stylish in itself. Read also Tips To Wear Red Lipstick Perfectly

17. Short Punjabi Back Neck Pattern

Both front and back necklines are important to carry out the overall look of the dress. Some dresses need back designing because of the simple design on them. This dark olive green Punjabi dress has simple thin work embroidery patches on it due to which a heavy back neck is designed on it. A deep square neck is provided which has Crisscross Dori patterns. The outline of the neck has a simple lace that compliments the design of the neck. Read also Attractive square mehndi design trick for back hand

18. Simple Punjabi Dress with Colourful tassels

Sometimes not only necklines but the additional things used in form of tassels, and laces also enhance the overall look of the dress. This black simple Punjabi dress has three-fourth sleeves along with a deep square neck. In order to give a completely different look to the neckline, heavy colorful tassels are attached in a triangle-shaped pattern. A Dori is used at the center of the neck pattern so as to make it look complete.

19. Designer Latkan Back Neck Punjabi Dress

This yellow Punjabi dress has a wide round neck on it. Colour combinations are very important in order to enhance the overall look of the dress. Gota piping is attached to this back neck along with designer latkans which have the combination of both dress and piping in it. Big diagonal latkans with double outlining cover the overall look of the dress.