How to Drink water

How to Drink Water Correctly to stay fit

It is a fact that we all don’t take drinking of water seriously and we all think that we can take water as we like to. But it is not correct, water plays a crucial role for the functioning of various system in our body and it is very necessary to expel out the harmful toxins out of the body. Your digestive system, your skin health, weight gain and weight lose depends on water. So, we must know the right quantity, right time and how to drink water properly. Lack of this knowledge, can create problems like disturbed digestive system, unhealthy lever, laziness, weak immunity, skin allergy, black heads and white heads. You may also be surprised to know that excessive oily or dry skin also related to water content in your body. Read also Why Keeping Drinking Water in Plastic Bottles is harmful.

So, lets know why water is so important for us and what is the role, it plays in our body. How much water should you drink daily? weather your body need more or less water? When should you drink water? What type of water should you drink i.e. hot or cold. Let’s find the right answers of all these questions.

Importance of water in the body

As we all know that there is 60 to 70% of water in our body. It is very helpful for all the chemical reactions takes place in our body. water
break down food molecules and generate energy during the respiration process. You can survive without food but without water you can not. You can easily find there is a lack of water in the body or not. These are the symptoms to easily know that your body need more water. Read also Simple Lifestyle Tips To Stay Fit and Healthy Always.

how to drink water to stay fit infographics
  • If urine color turns yellowish
  • There is a problem in digestion always
  • Your skin become dull and dry
  • Wrinkles on your face

How much water should you drink

Either you breath or sweat, your body losses at least 2 glass of water daily. Although Quantity of water, one should take depends on various factors like climate, places, people and physical activities. it has been proved in so many scientific studies that one should take 2.5 to 3 liters of water daily or you can say 10 – 12 avg. size of glasses.

But excess of anything is harmful so the case is of water. If you drink more water than your body need ,your kidney has to do more work and there may be a decrease in the sodium level in your blood. Read also Benefits of Green Tea for skin, hair, Teeth, and Complete Health.

How to drink water

People think they can drink water any time, in any form, i.e. hot cold or normal. It is not as you think as different type of water has different impact on your body. Read also Benefits of Desi Ghee for skin, hair and health.

  • Always drink water while sitting
  • Drink it slowly
  • Let water be in your mouth for a few second and shake it in your mouth and drink it. This way of drinking of water is very helpful to strengthen your digestive system.
  • Don’t drink water with bottle
  • Take only 1 -1.5 glass of water at a time
  • Don’t drink excessive water as our kidney will not be able to filter it properly and they will be under stress.

What type of water you should drink i.e. worm, cold or normal

Don’t drink cold water try to have normal or worm water always. If you drink cold water it makes food digestion difficult. So always try to have normal or worm water as it is used instantly by our body and very helpful for digestion.

When should you drink water

When should you drink w

Never drink water just after or before meal. When you drink water before of just after meal it dilutes digestive juice and there is a problem in food digestion always. Although you can take a very small quantity of water before or after meal but not full glass. Check my you tube “Beautiful You” channel for beauty tips and useful remedies.

  • Don’t drink water before sleep. When you sleep your body is inactive in this situation if you drink more water it will put extra stress on your kidneys.
  • There should be a gap of 45 min between the times when you drink water.
  • Don’t drink water just after urination
  • Don’t drink water just after you eat any fruit of raw vegetable. By doing digestion process will be slowed down.
  • Don’t drink water just after tea or soup. It very harmful for your oral health.
  • Don’t drink water just after exercise you can take ¼ glass of water in between exercise
  • Drink 1 -2 glass of water before breakfast
  • Drink water 45 min before or after meal

If you drink water as I mentioned above, your digestion system will be healthy. Other health or skin related problems will be solved. If you like this article please write in the comment box.