green tea bnefits for skin and hair

Benefits of Green Tea for skin, hair, Teeth, and Complete Health

Green tea has so many health related benefits. Do we know that all? No we don’t. We just know that green tea is good to lose weight but this is not the only use of green tea. It can be the best what you can do to your body. It is a rich source of anti- oxidants and nutrients. Green tea contains Polyphonol and Caffeine which are very effective in increasing the metabolic rate of body. In plane words you can say when you drink green tea daily, it burns body fat although you are not doing any extra physical activity. Due to increased rate of metabolism, your body burns extra calorie even when you sleep. Green tea without sugar has zero calories. So let’s know the amazing benefits of green tea for your health.

Benefits of Green Tea Infographic

green tea benefits infographic

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Green tea benefits for skin

We all want a soft, supple and glowing skin. You will be surprise to know that green tea can do magic on your skin.  You drink it or you apply it directly on your skin, it does magic.

  • It protects your skin from harmful UV sun rays
  • It fights against free radicals causing cancer
  • You can apply green tea on your face directly to reduce the skin redness and irritation.
  • As I have already mentioned green tea is full of polyphanol and anti- oxidants so its application on skin reduce the wrinkles and fine lines, intern prevents aging
  • It sooths skin inflammation when used topically
  • It is very effective in controlling acne as it has anti bacterial properties
  • You can wash your face with green tea and it will work as a toner. It gives you a healthy and glowing skin by shrinking large skin pores.

Green tea benefits for hair

green tea benefits for hair

When you drink green tea, it prevents hair lose as it contains EGCG (Epigallocatechine Gallate). This anti oxidant prevents hair fall, strengthen roots, and stimulate hair follicles, hence promotes overall hair growth.

It fights against the harmful radicals in the body hence strengthen the skin cells and promote hair growth.

Drinking green tea regularly, keeps you away from stress which is a serious reason for hair fall and other health related problems.

You can rinse your hair with green tea to have soft, shinny and lustrous hair naturally.

  • Take 1 ltr of water in a bowl
  • Now add 6 -7 green tea bags into it
  • First wash your hair with suitable shampoo
  • Apply conditioner
  • Now wash your hair finally with that green tea water

Health related benefits of green tea

benefits of green tea for health

It is the best natural drink which you can take daily to live a healthy and happy life. So just check these amazing benefits of green tea for your health which i think you never knew.

Magical remedy for teeth

As we know that green tea has catechin, a powerful anti-oxidant which fights tooth decay. It works against dental plaque and cavity. As green tea is full of anti inflammatory properties, so it cures gum inflammation and bleeding gum.  Green tea has been proved an effective remedy for bad breath too.

Proved stress buster

Green tea has caffeine, Polyphonol and l Thenine, these all work as an anti depressant. It has been proved in studies that L Thanine stimulates alpha wave in the body. This way, our body feels relaxed. So drinking 2 -3 cup of green tea daily makes us feel batter, relaxed and happy.

Controls high blood pressure

Green tea reduces cholastrol in the body hence it controls blood pressure. A study conducted in china, proves that 1 cup of green tea can reduce the problem of high blood pressure by 50%. So drink 3-4 cup of green tea daily to get a healthy cardiovascular system.

Other benefits of green tea

Green tea benefits
  • Increase memory and prevent memory lose
  • It is an antiviral, antifungal and anti bacterial substance hence cures alergies
  • It prevents cancer
  • Very effective against arthritis
  • Helps to lose weight and controls obesity

How to drinks

To get the maximum benefits of green tea it is recommended not to drink it just after meal. This way it can spoil your digestive system because it will dilute digestive juice hence you may lend up in digestive problems. You should not drink it empty stomach. You can drink it ½ an hour before meal or 2 hours later after meal. Don’t drink it just before bed so try to drink this amazing green tea in the morning and in the afternoon.

It is a fact that excess of anything is harmful. So it has been recommended by physicians to have 4 cup of green tea in a day. I wiil be sufficient to get maximum benefit from it.

Hope you like this great info about green tea, if you know more about green tea, please share them with me. You are most welcome. Just check my you tube channel “Beautiful You” also to know useful beauty tips and latest mehndi designs. Thanks.