Best home remedies for full body skin whitening

Best home remedies for full body skin whitening

However, it has been proved in so many studies that these chemically based creams in the market are nothing, compared to home remedies, as it has a permanent whitening effect on the whole body. If you use these natural ingredients properly, it will work wonders on your whole body to make you fair. What is remarkable about these home remedies,  it works with no side effect. So I will tell you about some of the best ingredients that can be used for a permanent skin whitening.

1. Milk and Gram flour for skin whitening:

This is one of my favourite remedy for permanent skin whitening. For that, you need only half bowl milk and 3 T spoon of Gram flour. mix them properly. apply it before you bathe. and wash it away with normal water. it will do wonder for your skin tone.

2. Rose Water for skin whitening:

Bathing in rose water with a dash of lemon juice can help to bleach your skin makes your body fair quickly. However, the lemon concentration should be more, since the rose water provides you with an afterglow.

3. Curd Massage for skin whitening:

Massage your entire body with a combination of curd and lemon juice. This might burn a little due to the acids present in both the ingredients but it will surely make your body fair.

4. Cumin Seeds for skin whitening 

Crushed cumin seeds added to bathwater can help in improving your skin tone. If you apply a thin paste of cumin seed powder and milk on your body will improve your complexion.

5. Coconut Water for skin whitening 

Coconut water is best for your skin. ingredients present in coconut water will do wonders for your skin. Not only does it make you fair but it also helps to remove blemishes and dark spots. If you like this post please share and comment. Also, check my youtube channel here.